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0000535Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Websitepublic2020-11-04 14:57
ReporterSam Assigned ToSam  
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Summary0000535: New Distro delinuxco with Cinelerra-GG
Description"I include Cinelera GG in my distro,, you may add to your list of distros that include cin if you wish." -> YouTube comment

We were included on an additional distro. This one is a reminder to check the distro and to add it to our website if appropriate.
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2020-11-04 14:57

administrator   ~0004363

Thanks for testing. I will have more time on the weekend to finish everything else.


2020-11-03 20:31

manager   ~0004361

Thanks, Sam. I have downloaded the iso and now you can delete it to recover space.
I have deprived DeLinuxCo (a derivative of Manjaro) in LiveUSB. It is stable and well configured. It is very reactive to be in LiveUSB. All tested programs are stable, including CinGG which has its own well-configured Arch repository.
It has many programs for multimedia:
Blender; Darktable; Gimp; Inkscape; Ardour; Audacity; Pulseaudio EQ (LADSPA); CinGG; Kdenlive; LMMS.
For me it has passed the test and can be mentioned on our website.


2020-11-03 17:17

administrator   ~0004360

I was able to download it. However, it seems that an installation under VirtualBox does not work and unfortunately I don't have a free computer to test it. I put the ISO file under the following link.

Maybe you can download it better from our server. By the way, I had the file tested with Virustotal and everything was ok so far.


2020-11-03 16:04

manager   ~0004359

No way, I can't download the iso. If someone has a very fast connection, can you try the download it (3.2 GB)? Just to see if the problem is me.


2020-11-02 21:17

administrator   ~0004349

That would be great Andrea, if you could test it, if the download page works again.


2020-11-02 21:14

manager   ~0004348

I can't download it to try it out. The download hangs after a few hundred MB. I will try it again tomorrow.

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