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0000560Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2021-03-16 01:18
ReporterMatN Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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PlatformX86_64OSMint XFCEOS Version19.3
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Summary0000560: Render errors not clear unless CinGG started from terminal
DescriptionTrying to render a 4K movie to DNxHR_HQX, it kept failing without telling me what was wrong.
When I ran CinGG from a terminal it showed some errors:

[dnxhd @ 0x7f04dc0b1d80] pixel format is incompatible with DNxHR HQX profile
[dnxhd @ 0x7f04dc0b1940] ff_frame_thread_encoder_init failed
FFMPEG::open_encoder err: Operation not permitted
int FFMPEG::open_encoder(const char*, const char*):
open failed dnxhd:/home/mat/Videos/

The last two lines are displayed in a popup window, it would be helpful if the actual error "pixel format incompatible" was shown too.
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2021-03-16 01:18

manager   ~0004693

Well, I was wrong because the error message: "[dnxhd @ 0x7f04dc0b1d80] pixel format is incompatible with DNxHR HQX profile" appears to come out of ffmpeg and not cinelerra so I can not fix that. Maybe when Andrew becomes available again, he can verify this for us.


2021-03-13 02:19

manager   ~0004688

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It is easy for even me to change. error messages printing inside of the Cinelerra popup window. All that needs to be changed is a "printf" to "eprintf". The only problem is which statements to change so as not to overwhelm users with error messages because sometimes they are only informative and Cinelerra can continue to operate. For example, this one:

"FFMPEG::open_decoder: some stream times estimated: /root/Downloads/animals_like_us_cultural_life_orcas_captivity_3min.avi
int FFMPEG::open_decoder():"

which can occur dozens or even hundreds of times when working on a file and it is not an error. I will see if I can determine which specific printf would need to be changed for the above listed lines. But there is no printf that only goes to the popup as far as I can tell.



2021-03-11 09:10

reporter   ~0004671

Also, the error message that is shown is wrong.
It says "Could not open <filename>" which is wrong. It can open the file fine, the ffmpeg encoding fails.

In addition, there are three pop-up windows, where one should be enough:
window 1: Cinelerra: Messages
window 2: Cinelerra: Error (failed to open file)
window 3: Cinelerra: Error (error rendering data)

Maybe it is possible to just display the last one, with more info about why rendering failed, and point to the message log which then should be viewable via a main menu entry?

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