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0000573Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2021-05-31 17:46
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Summary0000573: Unjoined tids error message when Quit
DescriptionNot sure when this started but under certain conditions, I see the following when I Quit out of CinGG
Total excess of backups: -49
Session time: 0:03:01
Cpu time: user: 0:00:03.522 sys: 0:00:01.806
unjoined tids / owner 1
  00007f4e2d7ca700 / 00007f4f7a7fc700 12RenderEngine

Steps To ReproduceOn Fedora 31 (using either regular build or AppImage):
1) start cinelerra from a window
2) load a video file (mine had 1 video and 2 audio tracks)
3) use Settings->Preferences pulldown
4) switch from About tab to Appearance tab and changed "rectify audio"
5) click OK
6) Q for quit on the main program window and see the "unjoined tids" error message on window where started
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