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0000600Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2022-01-08 18:17
Reporterglitterball Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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PlatformKubuntuOSLinuxOS Version21.04
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000600: Antialiasing and fade in/out broken in Title effect since 20211031
DescriptionEver since CinGG-20211031-x86_64.AppImage , both antialiasing, and the fade in / fade out feature do not work.
Both features still work as expected in CinGG-20210930-x86_64.AppImage
Steps To ReproduceAdd the title effect, add some text, the text will not be antialiased.
Try adding a fade in and out time to the title effect, it doesn't do anything.
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2022-01-08 18:17

manager   ~0005214

Thanks for the followup (and it looks like "Add note" worked OK).
If this can not be fixed before the next end of month release, I will back out the fade in/fade out mod.


2022-01-08 10:42

reporter   ~0005213

I started CIN from the terminal, and there are no errors.

Another observation is that if I edit the Keyframe parameter ALPHA value, this works as expected in the CinGG-20210930-x86_64.AppImage version (i.e. the opacity changes).
In the newer versions, values between 1 and 255 are fully opaque, and 0 is transparent.
In other words, ALPHA has become a binary on/off option.


2022-01-08 10:12

reporter   ~0005212

Unfortunately I confirm the issue as written in @glitterball's Description (but for older_distros, for me because my OS is UbuntuStudio_16_04).
To test, open Cinelerra-GG and put the Title effect on the video track without any Video/image on it or other video track below it.

When it works:
1. if there is a video/image above the Title effect in the same video track (as the Phyllis' screencast show);
2. if the Title effect is on a video track alone and there is an other video track below with a video/image in it.

It seems an alpha problem due to


2022-01-07 23:20

manager   ~0005211


There must be something that I am not doing to create the problem. Here is a demo of Titler "not" anti-aliasing and then with it both with fade in/out.


2022-01-07 20:24

manager   ~0005210

Last edited: 2022-01-07 20:29

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(So I added 2 notes here as an ordinary user and had no problems) Not sure why you could not "Add Note" but in the past 2 issues have been reported:

1) If you type something in and there is any kind of wait or interruption, you can lose what you typed in. This used to happen to me as I get interrupted or take too long so what I learned to do is if I have a lot to type in or have to look something up to finish, I would put what I wrote so far into a file so as not to lose it. Or I would just but it in the buffer using Ctrl_c for a backup and then Ctrl_v to get it back.
2) This has been noted but I do not think this was the case for you: "Sometimes there is a problem creating a new report issue in the website’s
Mantis Bugtracker using chrome and you lose what you just typed in. Gen-erally when logging into the bugtracker, the option "only allow with this IP address" needs to be disabled, then the bug tracker will work fine."

Did you get any error message or did the screen just come back?

Anyway, I suspect you were going to "add note" saying that the anti-alising problem does not occur until you add "fade in and/or fade out".



2022-01-06 17:25

manager   ~0005208

Probably the Freelancer "fix" added in 10/31 appimage impacted this. I will try to duplicate yours and Andrea's tests to verify and will back out the mod accordingly. I know that his fix did impact the PatchBay Overlay Modes and was waiting for the Freelancer to address that but he got Covid and has not been able to do anymore work.

Luckily we now have the previous AppImages to use as a backout.


2022-01-06 15:26

manager   ~0005207

Last edited: 2022-01-06 15:27

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For me, with the latest multibit appimage (2021-12-31), both antialiasing and Fade In/Out works. Antialiasing has never been perfect, but the difference is visible.
Can you try starting from the terminal to see if there are any error messages?

aliasing.jpg (21,760 bytes)
aliasing.jpg (21,760 bytes)
no-aliasing.jpg (22,259 bytes)
no-aliasing.jpg (22,259 bytes)

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