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0000601Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Forumpublic2022-01-22 00:48
Reportercine22linx Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000601: Can't register in Forum
DescriptionCan't register in Forum; Allowed cookies and javascript,
i can register in many forums, only problem here [and Puppy Forum where i can't even see the posts].
i get: 'Error 2252 | Please contact the forum administrator. '
Steps To ReproduceEnter user name and email. agree the checkboxes, pres 'register'.
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2022-01-22 00:48

reporter   ~0005241

after logging out, tried again and the error returned, [my previous 'success' was using a 'change passw' link rhat was in my mail]
'i'm in no need of using the forum now, so i'm stopping, at least for a good while, checking here, hope gets solved, bye. '


2022-01-22 00:37

reporter   ~0005240

*not* Allowing javascript, now i can enter, and changed the passw, not many config/preferences... anyway, please *do not*delete my account [the Forum one] lol Thx


2022-01-21 15:45

reporter   ~0005238

quick search for this error lead to

might be something with URLs as seen by software (if our forum really uses Wordpress)


2022-01-21 08:46

reporter   ~0005237

I have some problems with forum.
To login and see the recent posts sometimes I switch to a different language from English to Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Italiano.
I know it is not a good way but may work. If you have a bit of time, can you try?


2022-01-21 00:33

reporter   ~0005236

tryed again. same; since i cant see the config/preferences for my account, please delete it [the Forum one] Thx


2022-01-20 00:55

reporter   ~0005233

sorry, i entered the sent by you passw, and 'Error 2252 | Please contact the forum administrator'.
'i'm in no need of using the forum now, so i'm stopping, at least for a good while, checking here, hope gets solved, bye. '


2022-01-19 12:26

administrator   ~0005232

I have set you up for the forum and forwarded you an email. Hope you can log in now without any problems.


2022-01-18 23:27

reporter   ~0005231

Yes, i won't use it right now, but please add me manually, i confirm that i agree with the terms of use of this website and the forum.


2022-01-18 05:28

administrator   ~0005230

Sorry for the inconvenience. Sometimes the protection measures against spammers also take effect with real users, so sometimes the website blocks the registration for the forum. This often affects email addresses of well-known email providers. I can add you to the forum manually if you want, then you can use the forum from now on. You just have to confirm that you agree with the terms of use of this website and the forum.



2022-01-18 00:48

reporter   ~0005229

sorry i'm stopping, at least for a good while, checking here, hope gets solved, bye.


2022-01-17 08:55

reporter   ~0005227

What browser are you using?


2022-01-17 00:35

manager   ~0005226

OK, will leave open -- in case someone comes along who knows what the problem is.


2022-01-17 00:09

reporter   ~0005225

i'm in no need of using the forum now, but the bug is still there, so it may be better to leave it open, so someone that knows what's Error 2252 could see the post and offer advice, others may fail to register and just give up... [for 'administrator' reference, i did same user name and email as here].


2022-01-16 01:41

reporter   ~0005220

same error message.
thx, let's leave it at that, i have no urgent need to use the forum.


2022-01-15 05:23

manager   ~0005218

Last edited: 2022-01-15 17:37

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I think this error message has something to do with WordPress, but am not sure as there are various reasons provided on the internet search.
Tested with Username of "testing22" and it added the account with no error message and then I deleted it with no problem.
It looks like there is nothing unusual about the Username you used or the steps you followed.
If you have not already tried again today, could you do so because it just worked for me?

It is OK to put problems you need help with in the Bug Tracker if the forum is not responding.

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