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0000611Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2022-04-25 03:42
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Summary0000611: New features - EDL occurrences, media duration & media filtering

I'm a french cin-enthusiast since 2020 and I would like to suggest some new features/improvements to this awesome software.

First of all, thanks a lot to have made this software a professional free software for linux!

This is great!

Now, as I use it intensely for my videos, I noticed some features that would be great to add.

1. In resources window, media icons should come with an occurrence counter on top left corner, to show up at a glance how many times a media file has been used in the EDL. This counter could be quite simple i.e. counting from 1 to 9 occurrences and showing a '+' sign if >= 10 occurrences in EDL.

2. media icons should also come with media's duration in HH:MM:SS format at the bottom right corner, because it is often very important to know how long is the media we're selecting before editing.

3. also, still in resources window, would it be possible to have section filtering for media in treeview, such as what we have with audio effects and video effects?
Something like:
- Audio
- Image
- Video
- nested EDL
- Reference

Once again, thanks a lot for all the time you spend in making our [artistic] dreams come true!

Hope my suggestions could help in any way.

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2022-04-25 03:42

reporter   ~0005296

Hi @fary54,
Yes, linux is really cool.
I hope too.
This tool should be helpful for the selection step, while editing.
Have a nice day.


2022-04-24 09:57

reporter   ~0005295

Hi @rs68,

Good suggestions

Personally, I only use linux.
I'm also a french cin-enthusiast.
Making long films (more than one hour), I find myself managing a large number of rushes (more than 500).
Your suggestions would give me a quick visual feedback of the situation.
I hope that these won't require too much work because it would be nice to have them.


2022-04-19 06:52

reporter   ~0005265

@PhyllisSmith Hi Phyllis, I already know the 'info' feature, but what I'm looking for is some kind of feature people could enable/disable on right clicking on a media icon with something like a submenu 'overlays' > 'occurrences', 'duration' in the context menu.
That way, each one could choose to show up overlayed informations over the media icon... or not (at their choice).
All in the pop up menu, I think this could work well.

@Pierre Bonjour Pierre, I also know the inter-view mode, but this not what I'm looking for. When you have about 200 rushes to examine before editing, it is much much better to have all occurrences at a glance into the media list.

@Andrea_Paz, Hi Andrea, I didn't know this feature. By now, I've made my own filterings and it works great. Thanks a lot.

Thank you all for your effort, guys, great work!



2022-04-18 20:45

manager   ~0005264

Great ideas the first two points; I hope someone knows how to implement them. The third point, if I understand correctly, should already be available in CinGG:

For an example (in Spanish) on how to filter media in the various "user bins" see:

In the CinGG manual, these parts can be found here:


2022-04-18 19:08

manager   ~0005263

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@Pierre -- oh, that is much better for the first one -- thanks!



2022-04-18 18:50

updater   ~0005262

Bonjour et bienvenue (je suis québécois),
I think you will find even better than what you ask for to identify the use already made of a media file in an EDL. Just click with the middle buttons of your mouse on the different media in sources and a window will appear with a detailed representation of the use already made.

See section 5.6 of the manual concerning the "Inter-View" mode.


2022-04-18 18:29

manager   ~0005261

Good suggestions.
For # 2. -- media icons ... media's duration in HH:MM:SS format -- you can get this information by right mouse clicking on the highlighted media and then left mouse click on "info" and then "details". Although is would be very convenient to see this without taking any action, the Resources Window is not that big and some people have a lot of media there so I do not think just putting it there in the corner would look very nice. Maybe it could be added the the "comment" portion when in "list" mode instead of "icon" mode.

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