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0000621Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2022-09-15 19:50
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Summary0000621: Add thumbnails preview in proxy folder only option
DescriptionI think that this will be good to add thumbnails preview only in proxy folder option for slow computers.
Maybe that option will optimize video editing process on slow computers with less of ram.
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2022-09-15 19:50

manager   ~0005358

Thanks so much for explaining your usage -- now it does make for a good potential solution. Unfortunately right now we are in need of a developer/programmer who can work on some of the more complicated / in-depth solutions. We will leave this Feature Request open so that eventually someone will come along and volunteer their time to help out. There is a small dollar amount available via PayPal if a volunteer wishes to tackle this.


2022-09-15 04:07

reporter   ~0005357

In Raspberry Pi 3 model B when i open videos in low resolution with turned on "Use thumbnails in resource window" that works smooth and i can see what which video is.
But when i use fullHD videos i turns off this option (Use thumbnails in resource window). That's works pretty stable in proxy mode (I used 1/6). But sometimes i cant understand which video is and i should watch videos in Viewer window to understand which video is.
And i think that it will be good to add option "Use proxy thumbnails only". I think that this option sometimes can be helpful on slow computers.


2022-09-14 20:29

manager   ~0005356

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Here is the sample menu. Please let us know if this is a sufficient solution already.

thumbnail_prefs.png (56,050 bytes)
thumbnail_prefs.png (56,050 bytes)


2022-09-14 20:29

manager   ~0005355

I may be misunderstanding, but for slower or less ram computers, you can already solve the problem in a different way.
In the main Program window, there is a pulldown called "Settings". If you click on this and choose the option "Preferences", a menu comes up and if you highlight the "Appearance" tab you will see something similar to the attached file. Towards the bottom on the right hand side you see "use thumbnails in resource window" and if you uncheck this (like shown) no thumbnails will be generated but you will just have a stand-in image that is the same for all files of that type. In addition in that same "Appearance" tab in the upper right size you can use a smaller number for "View thumbnail size" and "Vicon quality" with "Vicon color mode" set to low.
P.S. attachment will be added in the next note

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