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0000622Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2022-10-04 16:45
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Summary0000622: Hung while rendering - PC then reboots
DescriptionWhen I render in Cinelerra GG it often after several minutes frozes PC, then after a minute PC reboots and work is lost.
Yesterday I tried to save batch and run with cinelerra -r [job file] and it completed well.
Is there a way to get error log or how to debug it?
Thanks and wish all the well, anyway good work, it's best linux video editor :D
Additional InformationCPU: i7-4770K
Cinelerra GG built from sources (using own ebuild) on Gentoo linux
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2022-10-04 16:41

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I hate to say that this may be a "computer / operating system problem" with specific videos, BUT I have an AMD gaming laptop that will frequently crash when rendering the cows 4k webm video. This same rendering on an older, much slower HP computer never crashes. In the past, I have attempted to analyze it without having the skills to do so and therefore, I have no recommendations of how to go about debugging this. My only guess is that it has something to do with SMP (symmetric multiprocessing - computer processing done by multiple processors that share a common operating system and memory). Maybe a "batch" job uses the system resources in a different manner and that could be why that worked for you.

When I render, I almost always use FFmpeg/mp4 without making any changes to the defaults and I have my Performance Preferences Project SMP cpus set to 16 which is the number on this particular laptop. In addition, since the render is slow, I am almost always doing some small task at the same time.

Hoping someone else may have some suggestions. The only suggestions I have, which would be quite time-consuming because of crashes, is to vary the number of CPUs being used or change the render parameters. I am assuming that the only work you lose is the render time? because there are many backups of your actual editing work.

Late EDIT: of course, now while testing this same render twice, it does not crash. Maybe FFmpeg 5.1 is a factor as this is the first time I have tried this render since the latest GIT.

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