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0000652Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2024-02-08 19:48
ReporterPhyllisSmith Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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Summary0000652: If using AppImage, using Calf Plugins give error
DescriptionWhen running CinGG from an AppImage, the graphics ard on the computer that created the AppImage is very likely different from what the user has therefore the UI portion of Calf Plugins can not work. (A different LV2 plugin, drowaudio-flanger.lv2, does seem to work and it has a graphical UI.)
It does not crash but the playhead just jiggles back and forth and there is the error message in a popup window something like:
    void PluginLV2Client::process_buffer(int);
    timeout: L2_Calf Reverb
Other LV2 plugins that specifically do NOT have a potential UI interface work OK. Error message comes from the following code in pluginlv2client.C

void PluginLV2Client::process_buffer(int size)
        PluginLV2ParentUI *ui = get_ui();
        if( !ui ) return;
        shm_bfr->done = 0;
        ui->send_child(LV2_SHMID, &shmid, sizeof(shmid));
// timeout 10*duration, min 2sec, max 10sec
        double sample_rate = get_project_samplerate();
        double t = !sample_rate ? 2. : 10. * size / sample_rate;
        bclamp(t, 2., 10.);
        ui->output_bfr->timed_lock(t*1e6, "PluginLV2Client::process_buffer");
        if( !shm_bfr->done )
                eprintf("timeout: %s",server->title);

According to what I found on the internet, you can determine if you are running from an AppImage via:
   "If the app is an AppImage, process.env.APPIMAGE contains the path to the .AppImage file, otherwise it is undefined." And then you need to find a programmatic way to determine if running from an AppImage, and somehow skip running code to bring up a UI so that you will be at least able to use the Calf plugin without the UI interface.

Steps To Reproduce1) have the Calf LV2 plugins installed on your system
2) execute the CinGG AppImage that was NOT created on your computer
3) drag a Calf plugin to the audio track on the timeline
4) attempt to play the track
You will get an error message and the playhead will just jiggle back and forth.
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