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0000653Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2024-02-18 19:42
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Summary0000653: At least 1 LV2 plugin works until click on UI button
DescriptionThis is for doing you own builds, not AppImage.
LV2 plugin works fine as long as you do not click on the UI button (not sure if this particular L2 plugin has a graphical interface or not but it seems to). I think this is from the Guitarix GX plugins set.
L2_GxFlanger has this problem but L2_Dj flanger does not. There is a workaround so you can continue using it -- click on the "turn off" button and take down the "show controls" window. Then you can just turn it back on and do NOT hit the UI button any more!

It seems like this is a fixable bug. Error message is:
   void PluginLV2Client::process_buffer(int);
      timeout: L2_GxFlanger
which comes from cinelerra/pluginv2client.C
Steps To Reproduce1) in Settings->Interface, you have to provide an LV2 Path where these L2 plugins reside in your system
2) load video with audio
3) drag over L2_GxFlanger and play -- all sounds good
4) click on the plugin "Show Controls" button and a window will popup
5) click on the UI button and now it does try to play but jiggles and the error message pops up
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