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0000084Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2021-01-20 20:35
ReporterPhyllisSmith Assigned Togoodguy  
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Summary0000084: Copy just the effects without the clip
DescriptionIs it possible to copy effects alone?
With larger video projects you want to copy several effects elsewhere without the corresponding clips. This would make it much easier
to work in the timeline.




2021-01-20 20:35

manager   ~0004555
Using the middle mouse button while in Drag and Drop Editing mode.
Uh-Oh - How come this is not in the manual? Phyllis must have dropped it. I had totally forgotten about it!


2021-01-20 20:26

manager   ~0004554

The videos on streamable only last a few days while being accessed. I will see if I still have it on my local disk.


2021-01-20 19:10

reporter   ~0004553

@PhyllisSmith, sorry for summoning you, but I can see video you posted back then ( was it deleted or moved osmewhere ?


2020-05-16 01:09

administrator   ~0003429

There is no hurry, your interim work with the videoscope and the audio track height has become really good, it was worth the wait. Thx :-)


2020-05-16 01:00

manager   ~0003428

We will continue work on this later and hopefully can implement suggestions. This was being worked during breaks from Videoscope improvements but finally that late 2018 feature request is done so we might get back to this after Audio.


2020-04-26 08:02

reporter   ~0003309

I think MMB is good when you press and hold down it, for example when you are doing a Rolling Edit but not for a single click like a menu.


2020-04-25 13:46

administrator   ~0003299

@IgorBeg Quote: 'About MMB (Middle Mouse Button), I would like to suggest to substitute (or adding to) it with Ctrl+RMB. More useful for me, if technically possible, and if Sam and other users agree with me. '

Yes, I agree, or any other combination. The middle mouse button was not a bad idea, but in all the mice I tested, the button was the hardest to press. In addition it happens to me with my mouse that I turn the mouse wheel by mistake, because it is so difficult to press. I don't know why this is the case, but unfortunately it doesn't allow a really smooth and pleasant working. Currently it does not work at all, because my mouse is broken.


2020-04-25 09:29

reporter   ~0003298

I have seen the Phyllis' demo and I used the new feature a little here and there. Very good.
I don't like the copy function from Resources to paste the effect on the timeline. Too many steps to do but maybe it is the only way (technically) possible.
I would like Sam's suggestion in #0003284

And "Overwrite Effects" instead of "Overwrite Plugins" for consistency with "Collect Effects", "Paste Effects", "Save Effects".

About MMB (Middle Mouse Button), I would like to suggest to substitute (or adding to) it with Ctrl+RMB. More useful for me, if technically possible, and if Sam and other users agree with me.


2020-04-25 01:19

administrator   ~0003296

A small note and potential for improvement.

The distinction between a clip and an effects clip would make sense, because without this distinction some unpleasantness would result. For example, if I double-click on a saved effect clip in the clip tab's resource window, it will be loaded into the viewer. But in the viewer I only see a black image. I can even press play and the playback starts by itself, but what should be played? Nothing can be played, because there is no picture and sound material, this action is useless. If a user has a lot of clips in the resources window and wants to test them with a double click, he will not know which type of clip it is if he has not labelled them correctly. The only thing he could see is the black thumbnail.

Here is my suggestion:

1. when creating a new saved effect, declare it as an effect in the clip tab. I should see at first sight that it is an effect and not an ordinary clip. Maybe it makes sense to add the word "effect" before the title. Or maybe Cinelerra internally has a tag with the name "Saved Effects" instead of "Clip". As mentioned in the previous post, it would therefore make sense to rename the Clip tab in the Resources window to "Clips & Effects Library" or to add a new tab called "Effects Library". Finally, you can create your own collection of effects and find them in their own tab. This now distinguishes between real clips and saved effects.

3. it makes no sense to be able to load a "Saved Effect" in the viewer, so I would disable this. Maybe you can filter this out using the internal tag "Saved Effects". The difference is quite simple, if there is a picture or sound, it is a clip, otherwise it is a Saved Effect.

4. saved effects can also be dragged over existing footage in the timeline. Currently when I drag a clip into the timeline, I can only drag it to a free space, but not onto existing footage. "Saved Effects" can be dragged directly onto existing footage and these new effects are added to the effects track below. The sense of this feature is, that you save effects to be able to drag them to another place over new footage, so it would be logical to remove this restriction for saved effects.


2020-04-24 14:00

administrator   ~0003291

I do indeed have this mouse. I only used the mouse in the default setting. Your tip is good, I'll give it a try.


2020-04-24 07:22

manager   ~0003290

A while ago you recommended Logitech G402. If you have this mouse and MS Windows, you can assign one of the side buttons as the middle button (with logitech software). This setting will be retained even when you start linux.
However, I agree with you about the shortcut.


2020-04-23 22:57

administrator   ~0003289

Sorry, I wasn't specific.
I meant that after modifying /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/00-keyboard.conf, simulating a three button mouse does not work. I can't get any effect by pressing LMB and RMB at the same time.


2020-04-23 22:50

manager   ~0003288

Will work on getting GG to add the shortcuts back and maybe the "Save Effects". What do you mean by it "does have the desired effect"?


2020-04-23 22:44

administrator   ~0003287

I've tried it, but unfortunately it doesn't have the desired effect. If you can make the shortcut work, I can do without the context menu, because I prefer to work with shortcuts anyway.


2020-04-23 21:25

manager   ~0003285

The short cut was not working so GG took it out after I had already made the demo.
You can modify the file: /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/00-keyboard.conf
to emulate a 3 button mouse by adding something like the following to the bottom and they simultaneously pressing LMB and RMB.

Section "InputClass"
        Identifier "system-mouse"
        Driver "evdev"
        MatchIsPointer "on"
        Option "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"
        Option "Emulate3Buttons" "yes"


2020-04-23 21:17

administrator   ~0003284

I have a small suggestion, I think very few new users will be aware that you can save effects by a detour in the Clip tab of the Resources window.
Better and easier would be to use the "Save Effects" entry directly in this context menu.
I would suggest using the shortcut "Ctrl + Shift + i" as I prefer to work with shortcuts.

This subsection of the context menu would look like this.

Overwrite Plugins
Collect Effects
Paste Effects
Save Effects

After clicking on the Save Effects menu item, the Clip Info window pops up automatically and instead of the predefined text Clip 1, the predefined text Effects 1 is displayed.
This saves a lot of time and unnecessary clicks. For smaller projects you can take the detour, but for larger projects you are happy about every click less.

Another consideration would be to expand the Clip tab in the Resources window by name. Instead of just Clips I would write the following.
"Clips & Effects Library"


2020-04-23 20:28

administrator   ~0003283

A little bug report.
I have seen in the video that you have defined the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + e, but unfortunately it does not work.
When I try these shortcuts, only the mouse pointer mode changes between Drag & Drop and Cut & Paste.


2020-04-23 19:53

administrator   ~0003281

@PhyllisSmith That's great news. Thank you so much!

Unfortunately I am not able to test it because my middle mouse button is broken. I'm going to have a hard time buying a new mouse so quickly because there are no electronics stores open due to Corna lockouts here (I'm currently not in Germany and stranded abroad).
Is there a possibility to activate this menu with shift and right click? Regardless of my defective mouse, a switch of this button would be really nice if it would be feasible. I would much rather use the right mouse button for this menu than for the track menu. Because even the middle mouse wheel is always very difficult to use. I use the track menu much less often. I think I can remember that this wish was also expressed by other users.

I hope to buy a new mouse soon.


2020-04-23 02:03

manager   ~0003277

2) Copy and paste a set of effects. Save as a clip for future use. This has been checked into GIT. Demo is at:

There were 2-3 days of discussion to get this designed as a lot of scenarios just would not work in the code. It may not be exactly as you expected, but I am hoping that it provides a usable, acceptable solution.


2019-01-04 21:50

administrator   ~0000471

1) BOTH will be copied and BOTH will be extended fully for the entire duration of the clip they were pasted under. -> Exactly
2) This is certainly also an approach, but I'm interested in separating the content, video or audio, from the effects when saving the clip in the Clip tab of the Resources window.
If I had a checkbox in the "Create Clip" window labeled "Save effects only", then I can save the effects separately from the content. I can create my own effects store. This saves a lot of time on large projects. I don't have to search for this effect in the timeline anymore, but simply drag it from the Clip tab into the timeline, without content (video & audio). This effect clip behaves a bit different than a normal clip with audio or video, because I can drag the effect clip over existing content in the timeline.
3) sounds good.


2019-01-04 20:44

manager   ~0000468

Update -
1) I think I understand this request now and will ask GG to modify the code so that when Ctrl-Shift-P pastes effects that were copied into the buffer, they are placed under the clip at the exact starting point and for the complete duration of that clip. In order to do this, I believe that the code will have to be written in a way that if there are, for example, 2 plugins under a clip and one is shorter than the other, BOTH will be copied and BOTH will be extended fully for the entire duration of the clip they were pasted under. If this is unacceptable, please inform us.

3) Code can probably be written so that "Detach effects" will work like "Attach transitions" where multiple clips are selected and a single operation will delete the effects from all selected.

2) Grouping clips -- the current methodology seems to be pretty close to this request and I am not sure if it makes sense to change it. As in:

Mark clip in timeline, do Ctrl-c to copy to the buffer, go to Clip folder in resources window and RMB to paste clip to save.
Later highlight clip, rmb, use copy, and ctrl-shf-p where you want it on the timeline.

But I am "guessing" you want to save some steps, so I will ask about a more succinct alternative. He might consider it if I provide exact steps to get there, but I do not have a way in mind yet.


2018-12-30 11:03

administrator   ~0000441

Last edited: 2018-12-30 11:04

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1.) Point number one works perfectly. That's a huge improvement compared to before. Thank you.

One small thing I wanted to point out to you, if it would be feasible.
I added two screenshot.
Currently you can see in point one that the effect is inserted at the place of the playback position, which is good.
Would it be possible to insert the effects like in picture two, that means clip one and clip three are marked. I click on paste (CTRL + SHIFT + P) and the previously copied effects will be pasted exactly at this point. Just below Clip One and Clip Three.

3.) With mute effects I meant the following:
I mark clip one and clip three in the timeline, as shown in picture two, or a selection, and press CTRL + SHIFT + M and the effects of clip one and clip two will be deleted or from the selection. However, the clips are kept.

2.) I meant the following by grouping:
I mark a clip in the timeline that has two effects, such as Title and Histogram. I press the i key and get the clip-create window. There I can assign a name and additionally save a check mark for effects only. I press Okay and have created an effects clip without any video or audio. I can insert this effects clip later at different places from the Clip tab of the Resource window.

This would give us all the features like the other NLEs.

Effects-paste_01.png (147,078 bytes)
Effects-paste_01.png (147,078 bytes)
Effects_paste_02.png (145,746 bytes)
Effects_paste_02.png (145,746 bytes)


2018-12-30 03:47

manager   ~0000439

Sam: "With larger video projects you want to copy several effects elsewhere without the corresponding clips." With the latest GIT checkin, this option is available. Use Ctrl-c to copy a single clip which has effect associated with it. When you use Ctrl-Shift-P on another clip, the effects will be pasted over that clip but not the original clip. I hope that makes sense.

2 and 3 are not yet figured out or even scheduled.


2018-12-28 21:35

administrator   ~0000407

Ideally, it would be good for the effects if you could do the following.

1. Mark individual effects in the timeline, similar to the red frame on the clips, then copy them and paste them elsewhere.
2. Group effects, copy this group and paste it elsewhere.
3. The muting of individual effects or grouped effects.

The behavior is similar to clips, but a bit easier because you don't need all the pack actions, color bar, etc. for the effects. I have no idea if you can use the same buffer as the clips and if that makes sense. I suppose that most users will want the same possibilities as with clips.

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