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Summary0000086: 3d text (and more) in Cinelerra GG?
DescriptionI am opening this ticket copying the request from a message I sent to the mailinglist time ago, so it doesn't get lost and a passer by can pick it up (I think it definitively falls into the categoy "help needed").

In the mailing list several months ago someone mentioned gmic plugins integration. I went to the gmic website and looked at the gallery, Some plugins are more photo-related so I don't think they would fit well in Cinelerra, others are duplicates of what we already have, and then I saw the "text3d" plugin
As the name suggests it allow to make 3d texts. At first I thought it would be cool to have it implemented in cinelerra, but then I remembered that there is another opensource video editor which does the same thing but it is way more powerful.
I am talking about OpenShot which since 2010 let the user create cool and easy-to-use 3d effects, which include 3d text, but also stuff like snow. The idea is to make available cool 3d texts (and more such as snow,rain,bubbles,clouds) with a few click without having to learn how to use Blender. This for basic stuff, the 3d objects can be edited in Blender if one wants more customization, but the average user doesn't need to open Blender to use this feature.

We do something similar with svg and inkscape and I remember the plugin to be quite capable and stable. Luckily inkscape has a slow release system so nothing gets broken for at the least a couple of year. Cinelerra could target a stable Blender release and use it.
Here is the page with some explanation and examples: and here is a youtube video:

I attached some screenshots I made of this (IMHO) cool feature.
I thought it would be nice to hear the opinion of the community and GG, and see if this could would be an appreciated and more importantly doable (OpenShot is written in python and is GPL3 but I have no idea whether there is a way to fit it in cin) feature, or not.
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2018-12-29 15:20

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If not everything deceives me, Natron Compositing has also integrated the Gmic filter. As far as I can remember, there was an attempt to implement gmic, but because of the slow speed it was not integrated. Gmic is already very extensive, so I like to use it in Gimp.


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