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0000001Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-01-01 14:42
Reportergoodguy Assigned Togoodguy  
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Product Version2018-11 
Target Version2018-12Fixed in Version2018-12 
Summary0000001: highlight resource window list items in_use
DescriptionWhen the list box item is copied to the display list, add color to indicate if the item is actively referenced from the session.
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2018-11-27 17:34

manager   ~0000007

Original definition of feature request was:
"In the Resources window would be useful if the file names used in Timeline were in more evidence.
...That in all Clips, Proxy, Media, New Media Folder, New Clips Folder.
So we can see which files are used or not and, at the end of a project..."

This has been implemented as follows:
- in the Resources window, use the right mouse button on unused portion of the screen to get the asset popup
- then the 3rd item down is "Select" where a submenu comes up with All, Used, Unused, None
- make your choice and that choice will be highlighted or not highlighted appropriately
This is an asset choice -- clips are not objects in the timeline thus can not be highlighted in this manner.

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