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0000109Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] MantisBTpublic2019-02-26 16:13
ReporterterjeAssigned ToSam 
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Target VersionFixed in Version2019-01 
Summary0000109: MantisBT - View last comments (posts)
Opening MantisBT bring up a list to the right over the last posters and comments,
But how to quick view them directly without opening the #bug no and scroll down to the bottom?
I guess there may be some shortcut here that I have not discovered yet.
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2019-01-10 21:55

reporter   ~0000571

Ok, thank you Sam for clarifying.
Maybe this caused by some lack of HiDPI sensitivity.


2019-01-10 20:14

administrator   ~0000570

Sorry, I sent the message too early, although it wasn't complete yet. Here is the complete message.
As you've already noticed, the difference is that you zoomed in on an image in the browser to 200% and the responsive design captures you as a tablet or smartphone. As soon as you zoom out, you get the desktop view. The responsive design can't be disabled, you can only control it with the zoom.

To your question, unfortunately this cannot be set. It is the default setting of MantisBT. Only the ticket number is shown there. As soon as you are in the ticket itself, you can only click on the button "Jump to notes".


2019-01-10 19:57

reporter   ~0000568

I found out what happends. On my XPS-13 ultrabook with HiDPI and 4K-UHD 3840x2160 display I use Firefox upscaled to 200% to be comfortable readable. Just at 200% scale factor the MantisBT split-window swap to a single window where the left part fill the whole width of theFirefox window. See the attached window (FF-200percent).

Just by scroll-down the FF window scale one step to 190%, the MantisBT split-window arise again, see the attached screenshot (FF-190percent).

One question I forgot:
Is it possible by clicking on a note on the right panel to get this note (comment) view directly), and not the main subject ID description first? (Or doesn't there exist direct links to each comment here as it use to be to posts in a forums thread)

MantisBT_Single-view_FF_200percent.png (622,764 bytes)
MantisBT_Split-wiew_at_FF190percent.png (929,796 bytes)


2019-01-10 17:37

administrator   ~0000567

Unfortunately, I don't understand your question. Can you attach a screenshot to see what it looks like?


2019-01-10 17:33

reporter   ~0000566

Thank you Sam. I had to login and update my preferences and user (I think).
Yes, the last note now come first below each bug ID description.

Initially the main ID window now fill the whole display width. On one of my machine I happened to get back to the vertical split window with the last notes/posts listed in the right split-window as previously. On my other machine I didn't find out how to get back to the split window and the main window fill the whole width.
Is there a button/menu to setup the split window?


2019-01-10 15:35

administrator   ~0000565

You can set it in your personal settings. I have attached a screenshot. I have also set it by default to always show the latest notes first, because I also found it annoying to still scroll down.

mantisbt-pref.jpg (209,052 bytes)
mantisbt-pref.jpg (209,052 bytes)

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