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0000132Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2022-10-05 16:38
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Summary0000132: Turn the [email protected] mailing list into a searchable mail archive
DescriptionIs someone capable to turn (extend) the growing into a searchable mail archive and get broader publishing?
The Mail Archive turns your mailing list into a searchable archive
Search the archived lists
Search 148855091 archived postings, 3539 active mailing lists.
Archive your mailing list
Looking for an easy way to turn your mailing list into a searchable archive? Just add The Mail Archive as a member to your mailing list as described in the how-to-guide.

As a related sample, the (Old) [email protected] list is searchable, and many interesting Cinelerra subjects from the past can be looked up here in a quick and easy way.[email protected]/
TagsFeature request, HELP needed, searchable mail archive




2022-10-05 16:38

reporter   ~0005362

Yes, let me try to explain a bit more and hopefully better ....
As I see it, Cin-CV-GG has common roots and background from Cin-HV.

What I suggest is to

1) if possible extend the time span to search the missing part of the current CV and GG email Archives.
As now, the time span for Cin-CV email archive is 2014 - 2020, Cin-GG archive 2018-now 2022,
while the common GG/CV seach cover only 2020-2022.
That is we lack search for 2014-2019.

2) add or enable "linked ponters" to the somewhat unknown and old C(VS) Archive and Search.

This just my suggested sample:
The GG web page


2 magnifier (search)
A minor bug here is that both currently points to email threads.
My point here is that sorting by date is available at the top second left tab of the first magnifier's thread page.
And edit the text below the magnifier correspondingly and inform the time span is for 2020-2022, hopefully from 2014
The second magnifier icon can then be available for the old Cin-CV(S) search as mentioned 2010-2019
2 envelopes (archives)
The first i.e for a common Cin-CV+GG archives 2014-now 2022
and the second for the mentioned old Cin-CVS arhive 2001-2016


2022-10-05 01:07

manager   ~0005361

For 2 days now I have been trying to understand your suggestion in your latest note update. Being able to search Cin-CV is extremely useful but as you stated, you can already do that using the link you provided in the last line of your note. As far as I can tell, there is very little mail in Cin-CV past the current searchable post.


2022-10-02 11:23

reporter   ~0005359

Hello again.

I have reopened this previous eMail Archive and Search topic, and want to suggest a completion of the old Cin-CV(S) email Archive. The reason is that there are valuable Cinelerra history and background information in this older email archive. Because this archive and searchability already exist, I think it will not require much work, if they just can be linked and used as is.

Currently it looks like we have available email Archives and searchability for the following time spans on the Cin-GG website

Cin-GG email archive: Nov 2018 - now Oct 2022
Cin-CV email archive: 2014 - 2020
Combined search GG+CV: 2020/10/26 - now Oct 2022
Possible to extend the search time span here?

As menitioned in the last section of my initial post:
"As a related sample, the (Old) [email protected] list is searchable, and many interesting Cinelerra subjects from the past can be looked up here in a quick and easy way."
At that time the old Cinelerra email list [email protected] was hosted by Skolelinux ("school linux" project based on Debian Edu)

old Cin-CV(S) email Archive: 2001 (mainly 2003) - 2016

Searchable old Cin-CV(S): 2010 - 2019 (mainly 2015)[email protected]/index.html


2019-08-18 16:44

manager   ~0002028

Works well - and I meant to close this (going through issues this week to re-assess).


2019-04-21 11:34

administrator   ~0001401

The desired feature has been integrated so that this ticket can be closed.


2019-04-20 19:54

administrator   ~0001390

I changed the mail archive search again.

The search via DuckDuckGo was really bad, because the content was never indexed correctly. I activated the service via Mail Archive[email protected]/index.html . All new emails from April 2019 onwards will be indexed and searchable. The emails before this date are not indexed, but at least the new messages will be archived.

On the support page ( I have put a link. The search page can now be found in the menu.

I wouldn't like to change our Archive HMTL page, there is no option in Mailman, at least I haven't found any how to change it on the backend page. I would have to change them directly on the server. I'm not sure if it will be reset at the next update. I also leave such things on default to avoid accidentally creating security holes. I think who really wants to search has enough options to do it now.

I have put a link to the old CV archive on the search page.


2019-03-17 13:25

administrator   ~0001232

I just added the mail archives to the Search Console yesterday, that usually triggers the indexing of the content after a few days, so it takes some time until all posts are visible. At the moment there are very few posts available.

Thanks for your suggestions, I'm happy to try them out. But I won't be able to implement it until the end of the week.


2019-03-17 10:37

reporter   ~0001231

@ Sam
Thank you for doing that!
I did a search test a got one hit, but not on a couple of others. The archive indexing is a time consuming process as mentioned.

Add-on suggestions/questions:

1. Publish this search feature on the GG site (Support>Mailing list ...Cin Info page) and add it on top of the Mail archives site, optionally also add it in the foot note on received Mails

2. When this GG mail archive is ready, would it be possible (an idea) to link also the Cinelerra cv mailing list archive, as it contains several cingg related topics and a lot of generic Cinelerra topics


2019-03-17 00:27

administrator   ~0001225

@terje @PhyllisSmith
I have linked the mail archive with the DuckDuckGo search engine, i.e. we can now also search the mail archive. However, I have to emphasize that many posts have not yet been indexed. Indexing takes a long time, but once it's done, you can use this feature. An own search script which searches this archive was out of the question for security and performance reasons.

By the way, the Google search is even worse when indexing such mailing archives, so I included DuckDuckGo.

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