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0000014Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Forumpublic2019-01-01 14:44
ReporterAndrea_Paz Assigned ToSam  
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Product Version2018-11 
Target VersionFixed in Version2018-11 
Summary0000014: Forum: Editing title/post subsequently
DescriptionWebsite --> Forum: You can edit the title or the messageof original post to insert, for example, [Solved]
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2018-12-05 22:55

administrator   ~0000058

It's done.


2018-12-05 22:36

manager   ~0000055

I only noticed this issue because I had mistaken a title (for IgorBeg instead of W.B.) and I wanted to correct it. But it's rare and unimportant so your solution is OK.


2018-12-05 20:57

administrator   ~0000049

Hi, Andrea, I found the source of the error. You can change your own posts & replys up to 5 minutes after creating them.
I've changed this rule, you can change your posts up to 48 hours, after that you can only change or delete your posts via the moderator. The reason for this setting is that posts should remain permanently readable. It is supposed to prevent abuse, that angry users delete all their posts and make reading the forum worse. It is a standard security feature of the forum developer.


2018-12-05 18:18

administrator   ~0000048

I think I get what the problem is now. I try to solve it.


2018-12-05 17:36

administrator   ~0000046

Andrea can describe in more detail what you mean by that? I am not quite sure if I understood everything. Thanks in advance.

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