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0000145Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-03-19 18:02
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PlatformX86_64OSMintOS Version18.3
Product Version2018-12 
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Summary0000145: When using proxy, auto-switch to non-proxy in compositor when picture is static
DescriptionWhen editing a mask, the additional detail in non-proxy mode is frequently needed. And you can switch easily between proxy and normal mode using the ¨P¨ in the upper right corner of the main window. However, it would be very handy if, when playing is stopped, that in proxy mode it automatically switches to non-proxy mode, and then back to proxy mode when moving again. Then you rarely have to use the ¨P¨ anymore. Maybe add such an additional option to the proxy settings?
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2019-03-19 18:02

reporter   ~0001234

Yesterday I was shown how it works on Adobe Premiere CC. The compositor has a selectable resolution for playing, and when stopped. Such as 1, 1/2, 1/4 etc.


2019-02-28 17:05

reporter   ~0001041

Hi IgorBeg,

What you show is clearly unworkable if everything switched back and forth between proxy and non-proxy. However, if this is ever implemented there is no need to switch the timeline to non-proxy mode, the images are too small there anyway. But maybe it is programmatically possible to switch just the compositor back and forth, and leave the timeline in proxy mode. That would reduce CPU time enormously, while still providing the benefits of high detail in the compositor.


2019-02-27 10:11

reporter   ~0001036

Thanks at all. I understand you, MatN and Sam, and I guess (surely) you have a very good powerful PC.
Take a look these screencasts for time consuming: look at the thumbnails refreshing on timeline ( and Resources) and tally light on Compositor, please.
1) Screencast to show time refreshing with Proxy toggle
2) ... and with Multicamera Viewer use.
3) ... and if I am making color grading in Not-Proxy mode, the Compositor shows the static frame and the time consuming to update the changes of the effect is very high (of course).

I always use Proxy to make all rough work of editing: trim, mask, color grading; then I disable Proxy and in some key points I do refinement. Return in Proxy mode to check the overall editing and again in Not-Proxy to refinement. Probably if I had a computer like yours I would change my workflow (mmh, not so sure). Thanks.


2019-02-26 22:40

administrator   ~0001035

Okay, I didn't know that yet.


2019-02-26 22:23

reporter   ~0001034

I was told Adobe Premiere CC can do this, but I have not verified it yet. But regardless, it would be quite handy.


2019-02-26 18:27

administrator   ~0001033

I understand what Mat means. I also always switch off the proxy mode for masks, because the image is too pixelated and you can't set the mask exactly. Only with the original footage you have a reasonably sharp picture. For playback I also switch on the proxy mode again, because otherwise the computer fails to play the large videos. If this feature would be optional, then it is not a problem in my opinion. I think the idea would indeed have a practical use. We could call it a dynamic proxy. No other NLE would have such a feature.


2019-02-26 18:16

reporter   ~0001032

Hi Phyllis,

understood. It is not urgent at all. My idea was indeed that it would be a settable option. Maybe set priority to something lower?

@IgorBeg, proxies are extremely useful. Even on powerful computer, if you do UHD 50p in non-proxy mode and pile up some effects, it will be slow. I was not thinking of getting rid of them!
But I was wondering: if you are in proxy mode, and stop playback, and then click the ¨P¨ to switch to non-proxy mode, does that switch take long? It does not seem to use much CPU here. My idea was to have optional dynamic proxy mode where only when the picture in the compositor is static (playback stopped, or cursor in the timeline not moved), it switches to non-proxy mode, else it is all in proxy. It should be automatic, else you gain nothing.
But I don´t even know if when in non-proxy mode you edit a (pixel-accurate) mask, it is still useful in non-proxy mode.


2019-02-26 15:15

manager   ~0001031

MatN: too risky to implement quickly, says gg.
IgorB: we will not change the current defaults.
Both: a choice may be added on the Proxy menu so that ONLY if checked, will the requested behavior take place. But have to stress again that it may be awhile before this is implemented as there are higher priority issues at this time.


2019-02-26 09:32

reporter   ~0001023

Phyllis, really thanks to ask me (you have clicked Monitor button for me, I think). If I see by email then I know, else I can lose fundamental questions like that.
Don't touch that feature, please. It's okay how it is.
MatN (and others) I try to explain why. I don't know how many powerful are your PC; I guess them are very powerful.
My PC (Notebook and Desktop) are AMD dual core two thread (one Desktop-PC is mono-core, 1 thread). Very poor computer, I know.
With Proxy without scaler I can move the cursor position in timeline (not playing), with some effects, very smooth. If Proxy were disabled I should waiting for CPU about 1-5 seconds (it depends from Project resolution format, for example 1080p) for the refreshing in the Compositor. Then CInelerra-GG, for me (and for all users with poor PC), would be unused.
If you want I can make a screencast to show to you that.
The powerful of Cinelerra-GG is precisely that feature, in addition to many others, of course.
I hope with a few of words, explain why don't touch. Thanks.


2019-02-26 02:20

manager   ~0001022

IgorB: do you have any input here?

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