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0000158Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-03-10 01:01
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Platformi7-3770k, 32GB(ram), GTX-750TiOSLinux Mint MateOS Version18.3
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Summary0000158: Make the Mixer windows remember the determined size.
DescriptionAll new Mixer windows open in full screen mode in one of my monitors; I always have to resize them smaller, individually.

Would it be possible that after sizing a first Mixer window, the following ones will appear under this dimension, until I change this dimension?
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2019-03-10 01:01

manager   ~0001144

The mixer program code was designed to have you "open mixers" all at the same time and not meant for you to open them one by one. Most IMPORTANT, the mixer windows are "tiled" into the space above the Main window (timeline) and to the LEFT of the Compositor. When you have the compositor in the middle screen and you open only 1 mixer, the program calculates the available space and it would be the entire left screen.

Probably the best workaround is to do the following:
1 Create a layout (Window pulldown, Save layout) where the Compositor is halfway in Screen 1 over top of the timeline.
2 Open Mixers in all of media at the same time and watch how they get tiled all the same size in Screen 1 in the space above the timeline and to the left of the compositor.
3 Go back to your original layout (compositor in Screen 2) and move your Mixer windows where you want them on Screen 2.
4 By experimenting with your new layout to use when loading mixers, you can get your mixer windows to come up the size you like by just remembering that the mixers are calculated in size to fill the space to the left of the compositor. But if you "open mixers" one at a time, this will be inconvenient because it does not know about the size of the previous ones.

Also, "tile mixers" under the Window pulldown does the same calculation to put the mixers nicely lined up in the designated space. I do not think the code can be changed to work the way your brain thinks without messing up this tiling calculation.

I am still experimenting with option usage to see what else can be done. But it is difficult for me to work with 3 monitors -- I just keep losing the cursor and the monitors we use are big so I have a hard time seeing all the way over to the 3rd monitor without binoculars.


2019-03-09 04:10

updater   ~0001122

This is how I use the mixers in my multi-screen space.

I place them on the right of the composer, together they occupy my entire central screen.

The only thing I want is for the mixers to remember the last size I gave them, it will be easy for me to place them afterwards.


2019-03-09 03:39

manager   ~0001118

OK, gg looked at this. Here is how it works. The mixer windows size is determined by the left edge of the compositor and the size of the screen to the top of the main window which is going to be different for you then most people because you use 3 monitors! This is what he suggests -- since there are 4 defined layouts now (Window pulldown, Save or Load Layouts) -- you should take advantage of these to solve this issue.

Use Ctrl-p in the main window which puts all of the 4 windows on 1 monitor. Then "open mixers" so they will be a reasonable size now that you can more easily work with and go fullscreen on a particular one as needed. Then go back to your 3-screen preferred layout.

I hope this works for you. He does not think it would be smart to modify the program. We will check this more thoroughly tomorrow when we can move a 3rd monitor to his system.


2019-03-09 03:17

manager   ~0001116

This sounds more like a bug. When I "open mixers" the mixer windows all come out tiled to fit in the space that normally the Viewer window would occupy. The Window pulldown choice of "tile mixers" (alt-t in the main window) tiles the mixer windows to all the same size to fit in whatever space that current Viewer window occupies. See attached which shows my mixers after I just opened them on a 2 monitor system but cinelerra is just on the first monitor.

mixersize.png (539,409 bytes)

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