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0000176Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-10-02 00:40
ReporterSam Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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Product Version2019-02 
Target VersionFixed in Version2019-09 
Summary0000176: Display recently opened projects in a submenu
DescriptionIt's only a small improvement, but for me as a designer and aesthetician it's an important change. From the very first hour, I've been annoyed that the File drop-down menu always has a different width. It looks unprofessional and ugly.

With the following changes it improves:
1. the file-menu always has the same width.
2. it looks more aesthetic.
3. by lifting the submenu up, I have more space down to show more recently opened projects.
4. the space gained also allows me to display the most recently opened files, if desired.
5. the different width of this sub-menu is not considered annoying because it is not part of the main menu.

This small change ensures that Cinelerra is not only improved from a feature point of view, but also aesthetically.
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2019-09-14 08:57

reporter   ~0002139

For me it is PERFECT. (also the others menu)


2019-09-14 01:20

manager   ~0002138

A ubuntu16 build is available at:


2019-09-13 22:55

manager   ~0002136

In the pulldown menus, the shortcuts are now a little more aesthetically pleasing with more space in between. There is a single code line that affects all of the pulldowns so they will all be spaced better.


2019-09-11 21:24

administrator   ~0002122

I agree with @IgorBeg, the text is a little too close together. With the other menus it fits. Otherwise everything is fine.


2019-09-10 08:29

reporter   ~0002099

Waiting for Sam...
GG/Phyllis, it is really good. Thanks! (and thanks for the build).

In the File menu (but also in others menu, except View and Window menu) the text and the shortcut are too close (one space, I guess): see "Export Project... Alt+s".
Is it possible to add one or two space between text and the shortcut, if You (developers), and Sam agree with me?


2019-09-10 03:11

manager   ~0002097

"Load Recent" is now in a submenu of the File pulldown after "Load Files'. This was implemented similar to Sam's File_menu_02.png. However, the recently viewed is limited to a total of 20 between projects AND media with a line in between them (there will be no line if only projects or only media). What this means is that if you just load 20 media files, and then now load 1 xml file more recently, there will be 19 media files an 1 xml file. The limitation of 20 between the 2 was so that the submenu does not take up too much window space.

A Ubuntu16 build is at:


2019-08-17 19:27

reporter   ~0002023

I would like to refresh this good Sam's suggestion.
I would like so much like showed by Sam's PNG.
If divide in "Last Projects" and "Last No Project Files" is not possible (and I would like so much), I think it would always be good to have at least all the files loaded, like displayed now but in submenu.
For me the name of the item should be "Load Recent..." and put below the "Load files..." item.
So you would see:
- New Project...
- Load files...
- Load Recent...
- Save



2019-04-19 18:44

manager   ~0001384

I like this suggestion A LOT as it looks SO MUCH BETTER. It should be relatively easy to implement so will see what GG has to say.


2019-03-25 07:42


File_menu_02.png (89,572 bytes)
File_menu_02.png (89,572 bytes)

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