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0000179Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-11-03 08:50
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Summary0000179: "Open Project..." option in File menu
DescriptionIn File menu would be useful to add "Open Project..." option (between "New Project..." and "Load files...").
This "Open Project..." option would show a window similar to "Load files..." window but without "Specify filter:" and without "Insertion strategy" option; only a project file may be viewed (and of course the folders) and loaded.
It might seems redundant with "Load files..." option but you can save a lot of time and for new users it is more natural, I think.

Added screenshot.
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2020-11-03 08:50

reporter   ~0004356

NO, please!
I don't know when/if a new item "Open Project" will be implemented but it is different by "Load recent...". It should open only a XML (Project) file, avoiding mistake like occured to RafaMar time ago.


2020-11-03 08:34

manager   ~0004353

With "Load recent..." can you solve the ticket?


2019-03-27 13:03


File-OpenProject.png (37,343 bytes)
File-OpenProject.png (37,343 bytes)

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