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0000193Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-04-16 19:18
ReporterIgorBegAssigned Togoodguy 
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Summary0000193: Clips in Resources and “Preview”/“draw vicons”
DescriptionIf I click on a thumbnail in Resources-> Clips to drag from there to the Viewer, the thumbnails in a larger size is opened.
Is it possible to disable it if "No Play" (and the line over the options "Full Play", "Mouse Over", "SrcTarget" is showed), is enabled in PullDown menu, please?
(more or less, like it works for the Media and Proxy, but only for "No Play" option)
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2019-04-16 19:18

manager   ~0001378

GG will look at this once he finishes his current project - a plugin that may not get finished -- still experimenting.

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