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0000208Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2019-05-07 18:00
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Summary0000208: Title attributes should not be translated
DescriptionI'm using cinelerra with german locale. The attributes of the title effect get translated to german (see first image) and are also written to the edl in this form. When loading the project with english locale, the german attribute-names are not recognized (see second image).

Attributes should not be translated in the edl but only in the UI.

I'm using the git master.
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2019-05-07 18:00

manager   ~0001514

I spoke too soon! After talking to GG, I learned that this may be very difficult to resolve because the words are in the "text" field and go in and out as the user adds or changes them. Plugins were are, by contrast, just a one time thing and not included in any text. He is going to "think about this" and see if there is any easy way to resolve this, but right now it looks pretty close to impossible.


2019-05-06 20:08

manager   ~0001503

True. I am hoping GG can change this the same way he did the Plugins titles a couple of years ago.


2019-05-06 06:22


title_attribute_de.PNG (72,251 bytes)
title_attribute_de.PNG (72,251 bytes)
title_attribute_en.PNG (85,459 bytes)
title_attribute_en.PNG (85,459 bytes)

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