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0000212Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-05-29 11:43
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Summary0000212: Pixels unit vs percent (%) unit in some plugins
DescriptionSome plugins like Titler and Sketcher, use pixels unit; then if I use Proxy without Scaler You can't use it (or yes with a different workaround).
I would like to have, like in Perspective plugin, % unit instead pixels unit, then I can use Proxy (without Scaler), also for Sketcher and maybe also for Titler. Seems to me that Perspective plugin don't use pixel units but % unit so, for example, x=50% means center of the canvas and x=100% means right side boundary of the canvas.
It would be very useful because it would also work with Proxy (without Scaler).
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2019-05-29 11:43

reporter   ~0001604

I understand you about the precision but, like in Mask tool, where you have Fade value goes -100_0_+100 (float, precision=2) and you, luckily, can use proxy (no scaler), I think that rounding may not be a problem (if possible to implement it by code).
In other NLEs the unit used is percent to avoid any "problems" with Proxy, I think, and maybe that, so doing, it is independent by used resolution. Of course, for the Title and its fonts other considerations have to be done.
Thanks to take in consideration this suggestion.


2019-05-29 02:06

manager   ~0001602

A brief discussion here has left this still hanging. Using pixels is important because it is exact whereas percentage (%) is not exact. By that I mean, 5% of 121 is 6.05 which is not going to show as an exact number, whereas 6 pixels are always just 6 pixels and not 6.05. The only option that may or may not be possible, is to let the user pick percent over pixel with pixels being the default. We will have to discuss some more but I do not know when that will happen.

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