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Summary0000231: Website: user experience
DescriptionI would ask you to consider the following points in order not to discourage potential users from participating.

a) The extensive TOS to the website (forum, mailing list etc.). I maintain that without a legal department, an average person cannot make a risk assessment. So far I only understand that Cinelerra-GG wants Google and other companies to track and analyze me and possibly market me economically. The SpamFireWall used by the website supports my assumption that it blocks anonymous access via proxy.

b) Bugtracker: There is a limit of 10 edits. Because every click on the form is counted, this effectively means a block by antispam after 2 entries.

The terms and conditions should be shortened to the minimum necessary, the tracking of every single step of the user should be avoided and the spam rules should be checked.




2019-06-04 10:39

reporter   ~0001652

There is nothing wrong with a simple optimization of the website. Everything else has to be decided by the potential participant on the basis of the Privacy Policy.

(Note: The Internet is broken. Everyone collects and analyzes data from everyone. The effort to deal with every single privacy policy is out of proportion to the private defense against all evils. I block up to the DNS level so that no hidden name resolution is tracked.)


2019-06-03 12:18

administrator   ~0001643

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I tried to use the website via proxy and it works for me. What doesn't work is MantisBT, which is also new for me. There seems to be a setting in MantisBT that blocks access via proxies. But this is independent from the SpamFireWall. It's really weird, I'll see what I can do.

Really strange, now I can access MantisBT via proxy again, apparently the SpamFireWall intervenes. I'm not sure yet which criteria are used to make decisions.



2019-06-03 11:41

administrator   ~0001642

1. We owe the long AGBs to the new European data protection law. It was a nightmare to create them and they could only be created with the help of lawyers. I myself am very unhappy about it, but unfortunately it is a necessity to be in conformity with current law. Every single plugin and tool must be listed there. I myself have had difficulties understanding everything. Unfortunately, in my opinion, this cannot be done without lawyers. I myself wanted to shorten this list, but my lawyer advised me against shortening only a part of the general terms and conditions.

Since the beginning of the website we have to fight with daily hacker attacks and spam attacks. We use WordPress for the presentation of the website and ready-made plugins to avoid spam attacks. Some of these plugins try to expose spammers based on experience and to block them from spam attacks, for this reason this data is used for it. To avoid such spam attacks, it is necessary to collect certain data, such as what IP address and e-mail address it is and so on. If the e-mail address or an IP address is stored in the spam database, the spammer is blocked. Up to now we had several hundred spam attempts per day. Without these plugins it is almost impossible to run such a website. The possibility would be to block many things like for example forum, comment function or MantisBT and to make the website static, but that was out of the question for us to make the website more valuable for users.

Google Analytics is used to optimize the website, we want to have a positive Google ranking and unfortunately it is necessary to use this tool. There are also tools that have to be paid for, but which are currently out of the question for financial reasons. With the help of Analytics we were able to fix some basic website bugs and improve the performance of the website.

In summary, the above tools are used to improve the website and user experience (no spam in the forum or comments). We do not market anything, because the software is free of charge. If you want to use the site completely anonymously, you can block some of these scripts, of course, but it is possible that the anti-spam functions will consider it a spambot attempt and thus deactivate some functions of the website. Unfortunately for us it is a balancing act between security and freedom. If it were up to us, we would like to do without such tools, but unfortunately the cost-benefit ratio would no longer be reasonable.

2. I will check this weekend to see if I can increase the number of accesses to Mantis.

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