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0000233Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-06-05 21:21
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Summary0000233: Resources: A professional storyboard
DescriptionYour own placement in the Media View for planned use of the media on the Timeline is not saved. All you have to do is switch to another bin, another resource and everything was in vain. All resources are connected with the alphabetical sorting (abbreviation "v"), if you only want to sort the audio effects with it, sorted globally. And the sorting is not even pleasantly clear or changes dynamically with the window size, everything looks crowded. The Storyboard will also be resorted unasked when "Find in Resources" is pressed on the Timeline. Moving multiple files with the mouse at the same time to sort them in the Media View is not possible.

A professional storyboard is missing, possibly as an additional window in which the media can be independently sorted by the user according to his ideas. A storyboard, like the Media Composer for example, broken down to a meaningful CGG measure.
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2019-06-04 09:52

reporter   ~0001651

I picked out two videos that should clarify my point of view.
- Basic Storyboard Editing (MC7)
and continuing:
- Basic Storyboard Editing (PPCC)
Both show this with as of 2014, which was considered professional five years ago.

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