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0000285Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Forumpublic2019-08-25 21:35
ReporterSam Assigned ToSam  
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Summary0000285: Forum: comment preview
DescriptionSo I don't forget, I opened this ticket.

Olaf wrote:

Sam, please turn on the comment preview.
And the editing history should only strike after some time or better when someone has replied and then the post has been changed. THX!

Hi Olaf,

I will take a look at how these changes can be implemented. I'll open a ticket so I don't forget because I'm on a lot of business at the moment. As soon as I get back home I will look at it.




2019-08-25 21:35

administrator   ~0002033

I will close the ticket as we have no way to integrate this feature.


2019-08-25 21:33

administrator   ~0002032

have searched for this setting, but unfortunately this forum does not offer a preview feature.

In the forums of the developers it was discussed some months ago if this feature should be added. It may well be that it will be added. Currently I don't have the possibility to implement the desired features. I have posted in the forums of the developers that this feature is desired by the users.

Unfortunately, the other settings of the forum do not offer the possibility to create the desired behavior. We have no choice but to wait until the developers have implemented this feature.

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