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0000003Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2019-01-01 14:42
ReporterSam Assigned ToSam  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformNotebookOSOpenSuseOS VersionLeap 15
Product Version2018-11 
Target VersionFixed in Version2018-12 
Summary0000003: The new Windows feature does not work properly.
DescriptionFor example, if I have the following windows open on layout 1, Compositor, Viewer, Main Window, and on layout 2 I have only the Compositor and Main Window open, the following happens when I switch. When changing from layout 2 to layout 1 the viewer appears again, when changing from layout 1 to layout 2 the viewer does not disappear and disturbs at once, because he should not be present on layout 2 at all. When changing from layout 1 to layout 2, I think the viewer should be closed, because he doesn't play a role in my layout scenario number 2.
Steps To Reproduce1. Save the default layout on layout 1
2. Remove the viewer and place the windows differently.
3. Save this layout to layout number 2
4. Change to layout 1 by loading layout number 1
5. Now switch back to layout number 2
6. Now you can see the viewer on layout number 2 although he should be gone.
Additional InformationThis feature only makes sense if it also closes existing windows, because otherwise I have to close windows I don't need at all. With the color correction I don't need a viewer, because I do the color correction at the very end after I made the cut and I need the viewer's place for the videoscope and the other plugins.
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2018-11-27 20:26

administrator   ~0000009

I marked the bug as done.


2018-11-27 19:25

administrator   ~0000008

It's fixed. Everthing works fine!


2018-11-27 12:23

administrator   ~0000006

My bad. The key combination and the change to layout causes the main window to lose focus and therefore does not jump back. It would probably be good if you could change the layout from every window, because you don't always pay attention in which window you are. If the effort wouldn't be too big, I think it would be better to extend this point for the handling.
Regardless of that, the bug has been fixed. Thx. :-)


2018-11-27 12:12

administrator   ~0000005

It seems to be going much better, at least it's not crashing anymore.
However, the change between the layout and key combination doesn't always work correctly. For reproduction. Switching back and forth between layout 1 and layout 2 six times. At some point Cinelerra doesn't react to the key combinations.


2018-11-27 05:30

manager   ~0000003

We reproduced 1 problem that caused a SEGV and a couple of more problems where the Viewer window was not properly restored. A mod has been checked in to the GIT repository. Please try it now and see if it is resolved. I will continue to stress test some more. I did find that when a window that was not in the current layout but came but in the new layout would steal focus.


2018-11-27 01:24

administrator   ~0000002

1. I think I found the cause, as soon as I use the key combinations Cinelerra seems to have this problem, as soon as I change the layout via the menu I have much less problems. The key combination seems to be one of the sources of error.
2. Furthermore, in the second attempt I saved the project first and then defined the layout, which also seems to solve the problem with not closing the viewer. As soon as you save the project the state seems to be more stable.


2018-11-27 01:11

administrator   ~0000001

It still seems to admit some problems with it, because it crashes again and again. Unfortunately I can't find the cause.

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