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Summary0000315: Batch render
DescriptionMany suggestion from user D. Quinton.

Whenever I try batch rendering I get this error:

" 2 job EDLs do not match session edl "

Would it be easier to have an option in the Render window, 'Save to batch'? Meaning that each project can be edited and then stacked up together in a list of EDL's to render at a later time, all together? This is the practice of Kdenlive render dialogue.

Although batch rendering would fail on things like frame-rate - would need a warning when adding to batch list.
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2021-01-05 09:16

reporter   ~0004480

fary54 wrote:
Of all my renderings I never used "warn if jobs / session mismatched" or "Save to EDL Path" because, personally, I have no use for it.

Me too. (but maybe other User use it)


2021-01-04 14:49

reporter   ~0004464

@fary54, thank you very much for your comment and experience with the batch rendering wizard.


2021-01-04 14:40

reporter   ~0004463

@IgorBeg, I would say it backwards, "sometimes a function is only useful to one person and totally useless for others". This function can cause problems, such as the ones it is giving and have given rise to this ticket.

When a Batch Rendering is programmed, it takes the .xml project files from the source, (in cinelerra they call them EDL, although this term is something else in the audiovisual world and may be valid within the digital sphere to refer to the files of project, nothing to object, just clarify). As I said, the batch render takes a reference to an .xml project file, in which if I have made changes and saved these, when I run the batch render it will be done from the project file that I have saved. I don't need any warning, because a batch render is sometimes scheduled with the editor without any project loaded and for different projects.

I sincerely believe that Cinelerra has points that do not make any sense, they seem to be there only to satisfy the whims of some users, and they are the headache of many others, especially for newcomers, like myself. And Cinelerra, with how good it is, deserves to be universal and not focused on five or six users in which its work logic has nothing to do with how professional production companies work, much less professional applications that are used. Sorry to say that, but sometimes it's better to speak up.

@ fary54, thank you very much for your comment and experience with the batch rendering wizard.


2021-01-04 14:14

reporter   ~0004462

@RafaMar, @IgorBeg
1) Currently all my renderings are made with render farm because my current PC allows me to do so.
2) Before I used batch render which worked very well.
Of all my renderings I never used "warn if jobs / session mismatched" or "Save to EDL Path" because, personally, I have no use for it.


2021-01-04 14:09

reporter   ~0004461

Sometime a feature is useless for one person and useful for the others.

The "warn if jobs / session mismatched" is IMPORTANT.
You (@RafaMar) have created a JOB and, for different reasons, you have to do other things in that day. So you save the JOB (Batches) and go away.
The day after you think it is better to change sometimes in a Project (that it is in the JOB did yesterday).
Well, when you go in "Batch Render..." for using that JOB the warning help you that something is changed
from the last time you have done the job; and then you render could be out update.

(For my English teacher: excuse me, I wrote very quickly!)


2021-01-04 13:42

reporter   ~0004460

Hello @IgorBeg again, I was making some clips that I need for a tutorial and I have decided to render these clips using the Batch Render window.
I have tried with ogg and the result:
"4 job EDLs do not match session edl"
I had the "warn if jobs / session mismatched" option enabled.
I have deactivated it and everything has gone well, I have tried with FFMPEG .mp4 and everything has gone well.
I think this button sometimes seems to be disabled but internally it is still enabled.
And my question is, what is the point of this option in a Batch Render window?
I think this Render wizard to be perfect needs to remove two options, the one for "Save to EDL Path" and the one for "warn if jobs / session mismatched". None of these options makes sense in a batch render window, and the solution is very simple for anyone who knows how to program in C, remove these options and we already have a perfect batch render assistant.

I am using the latest stable version that was released.

Thanks again Igor.


2021-01-04 13:33

reporter   ~0004459

Them are --> They are

PS: If my English teacher saw my great mistakes she could hit on my hands with a stick! ;-/


2021-01-04 13:24

reporter   ~0004458

To narrow the problem about FFMPEG.
I have done a Batch rendering JOB using the same file Project (EDL Path).
My JOB contain 6 batches in "Batches to render".
Them are (all with FileFormat: FFMPEG): avi, mkv, mov, mp4, mpeg, webm.
It works fine. Also by terminal "./cin -r /pathofmyjob/myBatchRender.job"

Keep in mind I am using the STATIC Cinelerra-GG release that uses its own internal FFMPEG, I think.
(@PhyllisSmith can you reply about, please?)
If you (@RafaMar) have a few of time, could you try to use the specific STATIC release for your OS distribution to test the issue, please?
Please, save/backup your ".bcast5" folder before any tests. Thanks.

Consider I am really ignorant in Linux (...and many other things).


2021-01-04 10:51

reporter   ~0004454

Hi Igor, I tried mp4, mkv, mpeg, avi ... and I don't remember if any more, but always with FFMPEG. And the result was always error.

After reading your comment I have decided to do another test that is not with FFMPEG and I have used the ogg format, which gives me a good video quality and allows me to export with audio, and it has worked perfectly. Both from the assistant and from the terminal.

Now I know that the problem is related to FFMPEG, because with the OGG Theora/Vorbis codec it has worked perfectly for me.

I understand you perfectly Igor, I wrote a lot and did not give data because the data is already given in the description of the bug, the error I have is exactly the same. "X job EDLs do not match session edl"

And sorry for being annoying about the "Save EDL path" button, but I still think that this button should NOT be in this wizard, it has no logic in a batch rendering window and is very dangerous.

Thank you very much for your answer Igor, thanks to her I have encouraged myself to carry out another test and now we know that the error I have in Linux Mint 19.3, which is the same one that D. Quinton exposes, is related to the use of FFMPEG from the batch render window.



2021-01-04 10:11

reporter   ~0004452

@RafaMar wrote:
... because it has not worked for me.

It is hard to try to help somebody without more information. I see you wrote a lot but no information about format output and so on for your problem. So, may it depend by output format? Resolution? Frame Rate? We can not help you without informations and eventually a short project (10seconds ?).
I hope you can understand.

(As usually, I am using Cinelerra_20201031-static on UbuntuStudio_16.04LTS)


2021-01-03 10:10

reporter   ~0004446

On the basis that Cinelerra GG is a marvel and a great job by this great programmer, who sadly is no longer with us. We also have to know how to see some tools or options that are not as good as they could be.

And this is the case with the Batch Render wizard, which is not what it should be. I've already wasted a few hours trying to get a batch render to work, and the result has always been an error. I have followed the steps in the manual and I have even tried rendering by terminal, and always error, at most, after hours of fighting with this tool, I have managed to render a clip of the 4 that I intended. So I cannot recommend this tool, because it has not worked for me.

I still think that an EDL save button in a batch render window makes no sense ... and this button is very dangerous, it can cause the loss of a project. It is better to remove it than to load it with warnings.

Honestly, I would rethink this wizard from scratch and find out why the errors that prevent the batch render from being made, currently it doesn't work, it is difficult to understand and on top of that it has a button that can ruin many hours of work. A tool always has to be as simple and intuitive as possible, and not have unnecessary dangers.

I am aware that Cinelerra GG is currently going through difficult times for the reason that we all know. But I consider that I must always be honest when it comes to a tool, because it is the best way to help. And as I said at the beginning it is admirable what Good Guy did with this editor, because Cinelerra before GG was an editor that had become very old and lacking in options even present in home video editors, but from GG to now Cinelerra can Rub shoulders with professional editors again.

Greetings and happy new year.


2021-01-02 13:00

manager   ~0004445

@Rafa Mar.
I agree with your points, though:
Batch render seems difficult because it is different from other NLEs. But it's actually conceptually simple.
In other programs: create the project, do the render setup, and queue the render to start when you want.
In CinGG: save the projects, open the batch render, import and do the render setup for each project and run the render (or save the job to use it from the terminal or at a later time).

The problem is that the explanations are not clear (they come from combining Secret of Cinelerra with Features5). They should be improved but I don't have enough knowledge to do it. Sometimes it works for me, other times it gives me the usual error and I've never understood why. That's why I've never tweaked the explanations: there's something I'm missing.
In my opinion we can put as many warnings as we want for "save to EDL path", but I wouldn't remove it: it's an extra feature, moreover original of CinGG.
For example we could use the text of the button in red color and with next to it the writing: "warning: alter the EDL of the original project!"


2021-01-01 23:43

reporter   ~0004444

For me it is totally new that in a batch render wizard I can save the open project. I see it as a very big mistake. What happens if with cinelerra open in white, and I have in "EDL Path:" a file fruit of many hours of work, and by mistake I press "Save to EDL path"? Well, I lose all my work and the next day I'm looking for tutorials from kdenlive, olive, or any other, because I don't want to work with an application that so easily devours my work. This option does not make any sense in a batch process and on top of it is dangerous, and from this we audiovisual technicians flee from situations that do not make sense and are dangerous for our work. Also, the source is an EDL, if I modify this one, these modifications will be present in the batch process.

I just read the html file that is in doc, in my case:
And I didn't like having to define an entry and exit point. Normally a batch render is done with many files, for example, I do have to batch render 50 files and I have to go one by one, opening to define these points ... I don't see it as a good batch assistant. Too much work, a batch render should work the same as when we do an individual render, but automatically, and one render after another. And to be able to go to sleep with the peace of mind that the next day the renderings will have been done correctly.

I could help you in the writing of the manual, and even do a tutorial, in Spanish and English ... but the problem is that I have not been able to make the batch render work for me. I spent about two hours trying to do a batch render and there was no way.

The first time I played with Cinelerra was the year 2006 ... but being very lacking in development I cannot work with it, however this fork GG, Cinelerra GG, is a marvel ... but a pity that it has these shadows, As something as simple as configuring a batch render is so complicated and on top of it with errors and buttons with a lot of danger, this is like putting the red nuclear attack button next to the light switch, an error and boom ...

If I knew how to program in C, I would do a batch as I indicated in my previous comment, but I think the first thing would be to eliminate this dangerous button, which also makes no sense, since a batch render is normally configured with no EDL loaded.

Regards Phyllis.


2021-01-01 21:29

manager   ~0004443

Batch Render is another example of the original implementation of Cinelerra -- the same way that there are 4 windows and no ability to define your own shortcuts. It would be great to rewrite these features without impacting current capabilities.. You can read the original description of Batch Render in the html manual "Secrets of Cinelerra" which is in the file that accompanies Cinelerra installation. The file is where cinelerra is installed, under the subdirectory, doc. For example on my computer, I would use the following in my web browser to read that:

Rendering can be time-consuming, so Batch Render's purpose is/was to sort of offload that work AND for re-rendering the same project multiple times, after making some changes once you view the results.

The "warning" message of "job mismatch" is quite important BECAUSE if you just did a lot of editing and did not save your work correctly, then a previously existing batch job render would start rendering without your current changes. Its sole purpose is to prevent you from making a mistake and wasting a lot of time.

Meanwhile, I will see if there is a way to add a simplified method to the manual so that it is possible to use batch rendering without so much reading initially.


2021-01-01 18:37

reporter   ~0004442

After the recent email from a user asking for the batch render, I was encouraged to try this tool.

I want to say that I am always sincere in favor of helping, I hope that my sincerity does not bother anyone.

I have always thought that when I want to do a simple process and without knowing an application, I venture into it and I can do it without help, I consider that a very good job has been done. If in the same situation I need to read a short paragraph to understand a tool, ok, good, I still think that it is a good job. But if faced with a process as simple as batch render I have to read several pages of a manual to understand a simple tool ... then I think something is wrong.

I anticipate that I have tried batch processing and it has not worked for me, I have always gotten the error "X job EDLs do not match session edl".
Also the "Save to EDL path" button gives me panic, it is a very dangerous option, a wrong click and we can lose many hours of work, sincerely I would eliminate this button.

I also tried processing from the terminal, and the result was not good either. So at least in Mint 19.3 the batch render doesn't work.

Actually, I would eliminate this unintuitive tool, because it is not up to Cinelerra GG and is too complicated, in fact it requires reading the manual to understand it ... and this in a batch render should not be necessary.

What does an audiovisual technician expect from a tool? Well, to the extent that it is as simple and intuitive as possible, and that it does not have buttons that could cause the loss of data or hours of work, such as the aforementioned button, "Save to EDL path". Let us bear in mind that the configuration of a batch is done with the application open, but maybe with an empty project ... I don't even want to think that with how unintuitive this tool is, someone having the EDL on the route, a project that has taken many hours of work and by mistake you click this button. The consequence is irreversible and the result is that this person may no longer want to use Cinelerra GG, and they will most likely speak ill of the application.

What would be a perfect "batch render" assistant for Cinelerra GG for me?
* Well, something as simple as that I go to the file menu and execute the Batch Render command.
* A small window opens to me saying "You must create an .xml file, containing the instructions for batch rendering"
* This window only has two buttons, Next, or Cancel.
* If I press the next button, a window opens from which I can choose the location and name of the .xml file for the batch process.
* Once I have created this xml file, a window opens with only 5 buttons, New, Edit, Delete, Process and Close. At the bottom it has a box where we will see the lines added to render in a batch.
* If I press New, a window opens, with only three sections, one that will let me choose the project file (I see that in Cinelerra GG they call it EDL), another the location where we want the video to be created, and the third the related with the format and settings of the render. And two buttons, Add or Cancel.
* When pressing add, this will add this information to our render xml file. A read-only line of the configuration that we have just created appears in the window, if we want to add more files, then we repeat the indicated process, if we want to edit this line, we select it and press Edit, and the window opens again indicated to be able to change what we want.
* If we press "Process" a terminal opens automatically, just like the WinFF application does, with a warning that tells us that we should not close it until the process is finished, that if we want we can close the Cinelerra application, and that the folder where the resulting files will be placed should not contain files with the same names as those used in the batch render, since this will stop the process to avoid unwanted overwriting of a video file.

If I knew how to program, I would do it as I have mentioned. It is just a suggestion, what if I would like to see it done is to eliminate this dangerous button from "Save to EDL path" and find out why something so simple does not work.


2020-12-31 15:29

manager   ~0004441

Just a small update about: "always had an error " 2 job EDLs do not match session edl ""
In October there was a fix to "Tweak asset equivalent for batchrender warn which was causing false alarms" but I do not remember the details.


2020-10-05 12:12

reporter   ~0004182

As said before by me the steps are...
1. Click on New button.
2. set the "EDL Path", where your first project (filename.XML) is.
3. set the "Output path", with its parameters (codec, bitrate, and so on).
4. repeat from point 1 for all your projects.

If you have done 3 batch (you are seeing 3 rows) you can modify a row selecting that row (highlight it) and changing the fields on the top of the window ("Output path", FileFormat, "EDL Path:", and so on) will update the "batch" row.


2020-10-05 11:50

manager   ~0004179

I mean: after creating a batch (test1) I click on "New". Now you create a new line (selected in blue) in "Batches to render" that takes the path values that were already set for batch 1. We must then modify the fields "EDL path" and "Output path" to set the second batch (test 2); and so on. What I propose is that when you click on "New" the fields "EDL path" and "Outèut path" are automatically cleared (the same happens, consequently, also in "Batch to render"). So we are forced to introduce the new batch 2 paths and the danger of overlaps and interference with batch 1 paths disappear.
See the photomontage.

"Honestly, how does anyone use it? Make a batch item, prepare to make another and the first item's paths change!"
I don't understand, to me the line of batch 1 remains unchanged when I create (with "New") and set (changing the 2 paths) the line of batch 2.

batch.jpg (43,213 bytes)
batch.jpg (43,213 bytes)


2020-10-05 10:20

reporter   ~0004178

Andrea wrote: when you click on New, you should clean up the paths previously set leaving them empty
You mean that the batch render window clears them after hitting New?

One way would be to draw a line under the path fields - once a batch item is made, fiddling in the two fields won't affect the item. Only setting format will affect items added.
If the paths are wrong, remove it and add it again.

Honestly, how does anyone use it? Make a batch item, prepare to make another and the first item's paths change!


2020-10-05 07:25

manager   ~0004177

The clearest and simplest method (fail-safe), for me, would be that when you click on New, you should clean up the paths previously set leaving them empty (as well as in Batches to render). So the user sees the lack and MUST enter new paths for the second batch, etc. The problem is that we have to use the file manager (magnifier) every time to find the new paths, even in the case of nearby locations and similar names (which only vary in the numbers, for example). This increases the time and makes the setting more boring. A compromise could be to empty only EDL Path and remember Output path instead.


2020-10-03 12:12

reporter   ~0004132

quintao wrote: I think it would be helpful that the output file and EDL source do not change once added to list.
I could agree with you but I think that Developers have done in this way to be able changing the settings without add another button, for example an "Edit" button. So, the highlighted item may be changed on the fly (it is good and bad).

About your
bad file format: /media/D2/my_vid/batchtest1.mp4

Could it be a strange settings in mp4 format/code file?


2020-10-03 10:52

reporter   ~0004126

Well there's a problem, if I make one batch item, and then edit the file name and EDL name, the item just added gets altered - so initially it was test1, but then when I add the test2 EDL then the first item becomes test2 as well. (See 1st screenshot)

So what I did was click New three times and then highlight items 2 and 3 to set their output names (see 2nd screenshot)

I think it would be helpful that the output file and EDL source do not change once added to list.

Even with only one EDL loaded I get a bad format error (3rd screenshot)



2020-10-02 15:57

manager   ~0004116

As IgorBeg said, I also think the error is to set EDL path and Output path before clicking on New. The manual is unclear in my opinion. However often the cause of that error is the overlapping of "EDL path" and/or "Output path" of one batch (test1.xml and test1.mp4) with those of another batch. (test2.xml and test2.mp4, etc).


2020-10-02 11:49

reporter   ~0004109

It might be a bug but...
You can disable the "Warn if jobs/session mismatched" option. I do so.
I don't know if that option compare the date of the ".xml" with the current date of the system.
If it can help, take a look at

1. Click on New button.
2. set the "EDL Path", where your first project (filename.XML) is.
3. set the "Output path", with its parameters (codec, bitrate, and so on).
4. repeat from point 1 for all your projects.

When you create a new batch, the new batch take the EDL name from "EDL Path:" entry field; the same for the "Output path:" entry field.
So you must before click on New button and then to set the "EDL Path" and "Output path" with its parameters (codec, bitrate, and so on).

Check that...
- your projects NOT HAVE In Point and Out Point set in the Timeline
- the cursor on the Timeline to be in the home position.
(those "issues" should have been resolved but I don't remember, sorry)


2020-10-02 10:56

reporter   ~0004104

Ok, here's what I did..

1. make three test projects, save as /directory/test1.xml, /directory/test2.xml, /directory/test3.xml
2. in batch render, set output file name to test1.mp4 and set EDL to /directory/test1.xml
3, check format and click New
4. do same for test2.xml and test3.xml
5. resulting in list with three EDL's to process
6. hit start

And before now I always had an error " 2 job EDLs do not match session edl "
But just now it rendered one, and not the others
error: bad file format


2020-10-02 08:35

reporter   ~0004102

quintao wrote: "Does that mean if I want to render three projects to h264 @ 2Mbps, they all need to be in one EDL? "
No! You can open the "Batch Render... window" and to do what you wrote:
by quintao: I would open the batch render tool here and select a project, give it an output name and format, add it to the list, select another project....

Can you tell me (us) what steps you do, please?


2020-10-02 06:01

reporter   ~0004098

Well, I still have this warning message when I try to make a batch render - obviously because I haven't worked out how to use it!

The user manual says the batch renderer requires a (one) separate project file (xml) for every batch.

Does that mean if I want to render three projects to h264 @ 2Mbps, they all need to be in one EDL?
If so, how can many projects be saved as one EDL?

From experience with other software, I would open the batch render tool here and select a project, give it an output name and format, add it to the list, select another project....
But CinGG has functionality in the batch render tool that is different to this logic - and very good too, in that it allows rendering of a project in many formats etc.

So I am stuck with what EDL I should use for a batch so that the "mismatch" warning does not appear. Surely the batch has nothing to do with the session - which might be an empty instance of Cin.

Any help would be appreciated, cheers

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