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0000326Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-10-26 18:21
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Summary0000326: A way to set an audio track to "left", "right" or "middle (mono)"?
DescriptionWould it be possible to add some way to set an audio track to "left", "right" or "middle (mono)"? I can use "Audio -> "Map 1:1" to set two audio tracks to "left and right". But if I want something else, for example only one track to the right, or all tracks to the middle (mono), I must do it using a mouse in the small rectangle window in the left panel, which isn't very precise and I am never sure if it's exactly "left", "right" or "middle".
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2019-10-26 18:21

manager   ~0002343

Today GG started to see what this is all about and whether or not he can implement something. With limited understanding how the Audio speakers are currently working in the code and at least 1 broken speaker here, not sure of the outcome. Stand by for a further update.


2019-10-18 12:01

reporter   ~0002301

Yes, a right mouse button menu is maybe the simplest solution.


2019-10-18 09:14

reporter   ~0002299

If possible, another idea could be ...
1. RMB (Right Mouse Button) on Pan icon. (And here the RMB function would be appropriate)
2. A PopUp menu with 9 options is showed:
- Left Top
- Left Middle
- Left Bottom
- Center Top
- Center Middle
- Center Bottom
- Right Top
- Right Middle
- Right Bottom
3. And you choose by the list.


2019-10-17 20:16

reporter   ~0002297

These magnetic points are a good thing and very popular with video editors. I like to use them myself.
If you briefly pick up a magnifying glass you can see that an exact positioning can be read from numerical values. But we have to keep an eye on the other channels as well, like 5.1 and 7.1, etc.


2019-10-17 18:59

reporter   ~0002296

I was thinking about some type of "magnetic" points in the pan rectangle for the left, right and center position for easier pointing and to be sure about the exact position. Or some other simple tool or dialog box outside of the rectangle to set the "left", "right" or "center" position for each individual audio track.


2019-10-17 18:35

reporter   ~0002295

In the first turn, the zoom could be increased from currently 100 pixels to 160 pixels.
In addition, the font should be slightly enlarged and, if this is not sufficient, provided with a high-contrast semi-transparent background.

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