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0000034Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-03-08 22:07
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Summary0000034: Label mouse over feature
DescriptionWhen I create a label, Cinelerra creates an icon in the Resources window in the label tab. To click through a lot of labels to see where this position is, I always need two clicks per label. A right click on the label icon, then a left click on "Go to".

My idea would be the following. As long as the "Preview" button in the Resources window is activated, the label icons behave exactly like the thumbnails from the Media tab. A left click on the icon activates the mouseover feature, that means I only need to touch the icon with the mouse and jump to the corresponding label in the timeline. So I can move through many labels without a lot of clicking around. In addition, the behavior is the same as in the Media tab or the other tabs.

If this is too much effort, a simple left click on the label would also trigger the "go to", but my first suggestion would be my favorite.
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2019-01-31 23:18

manager   ~0000734

Want to leave this under "NEW" until gg gets around to looking at it, instead of ASSIGNED.


2018-12-08 09:10

reporter   ~0000084

I would suggest a double click on the label, in all mode (preview, text, ...), if possible.
(Double click = Go to)
Yes, they always are two clicks per label but faster, I think.

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