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0000341Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-12-03 14:55
ReporterPhyllisSmith Assigned Togoodguy  
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Target VersionFixed in Version2019-11 
Summary0000341: Provide Transcode (Convert) for 1:1 conversion of media
DescriptionThis request was a "side shoot" to Mantis BT 0000337 and I should have made a new request at the time but was just lazy. I will update it here.
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2019-11-22 19:38

manager   ~0002486

Transcode is now the name for the original code that was named Convert. This is now complete and will be marked resolved in a day or 2. At this time, the phrases for translation are now available too.


2019-11-19 18:24

manager   ~0002473

Information from Olaf: need to "allow the user to use proxies in full resolution (1:1). The codecs FFvHuff (and other HuffYUV derivatives), ProRes and DNxHD are quite suitable for this. Request and reason for this is well known and was already a topic on the old CV mailing list."

"Convert: A useful innovation that was missed for a long time.
- Unlimited freedom:
"08b title07 Sandra: Everlasting Love -"
- Instead of "Convert", I propose "Transcode" ("

OK, we will change the pulldown name and menu name to Transcode.

Information from me about the mods:
Created "Convert..." under the Settings pulldown which allows for converting ALL the loaded asset media to be rendered in a different format and loaded onto the timeline. Choices include: tag name to add to media filename, whether to remove original media just from the project, and beep volume.

BIGGEST gain from using this is if you have media that is not "seekable", that is, you can play it from the beginning but can not move to another spot and have the audio or video play correctly. A video file with no keyframes makes seeking next to impossible, but then a Transcode generally adds these keyframes. For example as shown by Andrew in the file: LD_160909_2.avi the audio only works correctly if you play from the beginning. That example file provided by Andrew is at:

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