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0000484Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-08-02 05:24
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PlatformRyzen 3700xOSLinuxOS VersionDevuan Beowulf
Product Version2020-04 
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Summary0000484: H265 encodes: Difficult to control framerate of result
DescriptionI have been trying some encodes with H265 (ffmpeg), utilising the hi, med and lo options.

Results (of a 1 minute video)
hi - 44.2 Mbps
med - 4.34 Mbps
lo - 1.5 Mbps

The video quality with 'lo' was really good, but when I tried h265lo on another project (source clips from same camera) the resulting frame-rate was increased to 8.701 Mbps, and the following test, 5.448Mbps, and then again 5.367Mbps.

I can't reproduce the 1500 Kbps with the 2nd project - and entering 150000 in the bitrate field does nothing to affect the output.
8, or 5 or 4 Mbps is not really low and it doesn't create small file sizes.

To me this is confusing. I want control of the bitrate in the output.

Actually I had similar confusing results with ffmpeg/ogg where setting the quality resulted in different bitrates each time, there was no standard output.
Steps To ReproduceAdd clips to project
Render settings : ffmpeg/mp4, h265-lo, 1500000 bps
Render project
check frame rate
Tagsh265, render


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