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0000484Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2022-01-22 17:44
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PlatformRyzen 3700xOSLinuxOS VersionDevuan Beowulf
Product Version2020-04 
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Summary0000484: H265 encodes: Difficult to control framerate of result
DescriptionI have been trying some encodes with H265 (ffmpeg), utilising the hi, med and lo options.

Results (of a 1 minute video)
hi - 44.2 Mbps
med - 4.34 Mbps
lo - 1.5 Mbps

The video quality with 'lo' was really good, but when I tried h265lo on another project (source clips from same camera) the resulting frame-rate was increased to 8.701 Mbps, and the following test, 5.448Mbps, and then again 5.367Mbps.

I can't reproduce the 1500 Kbps with the 2nd project - and entering 150000 in the bitrate field does nothing to affect the output.
8, or 5 or 4 Mbps is not really low and it doesn't create small file sizes.

To me this is confusing. I want control of the bitrate in the output.

Actually I had similar confusing results with ffmpeg/ogg where setting the quality resulted in different bitrates each time, there was no standard output.
Steps To ReproduceAdd clips to project
Render settings : ffmpeg/mp4, h265-lo, 1500000 bps
Render project
check frame rate
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2022-01-21 23:44

manager   ~0005239

Clarified in the previous note and added a note in the manual to be sure to not set any quality parameters or they will take precedence over bitrate.


2022-01-20 01:32

manager   ~0005235

About: "To me this is confusing. I want control of the bitrate in the output."

You can definitely control the bitrate you want but you have to make sure that it does not conflict with other parameters that are set.

To do this in the Render menu, you have to keyin the desired bitrate in the Bitrate box in the Video wrench menu. The confusion of why it does not seem to be controllable is because if a "crf" value or other parameter is specified that conflicts with the user's requested bitrate, that bitrate could be ignored if the other parameter takes precedence.

So if using h265-lo, h265-med, or h265-hi render formats, you should be sure to delete the "crf" parameter in the list box at the bottom of the Video wrench menu and then you will get the bitrate you requested (or very close to it).

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