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0000507Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-11-03 17:06
Reporterhouku Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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Product Version2020-07 
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Summary0000507: background rendering is slow
Descriptionso, i am not a programmer, idk how to code, but i love cinelerra so far as an NLE, 1 issue i could think will be nice is if the background rendering will be faster, or more optimized to your pc, like, the more ram uoi have the better it is, if its an option, how do i do it? if not, it should be added
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2020-09-19 11:13

reporter   ~0004039

Ah, i think i see what you mean;

If you cut one video in half and put one piece of it on top of itself (on second track) and make two overlap, (like I did in 0000504) and then turn bg render over this region - it will be slow .... But I think it will be slow because underlaying calls to source media for some reason become slow, background render over simple one track is fast (but I agree not very interesting, apart from fast seeking, and fast forward/reverse playback)


2020-09-17 16:35

reporter   ~0004032

as reference point on AMD FX-4300 with this video
 video1 h264 1280x720 30.00 pix yuvj420p
    color space:bt709/ range:pc
    2315+0 frms 77.16 secs 0:01:17.16

and jpeg-100% quality CinGG (git) renders timeline (rgba-8bit) in just 45 seconds. (with brender files on tmpfs)

and around 8 mins for this
 video1 h264 1920x1080 59.94 pix yuv420p
    color space:bt709/ range:tv
    12999+0 frms 216.86 secs 0:03:36.86

I think all I saw all four cores already loaded, amy be not to 100% but to 75% for sure.


2020-09-17 16:08

reporter   ~0004031

Just as illustration, I found video on Youtube where Adobe Premiere CS4 (from 2009) renders transitions and sometimes whole timeline ...well, sometimes it takes up to 5 minutes :}
("Introducing Adobe Premiere Pro CS4: Basic Video Editing Tutorial" - at 5:55 you can see rendering time for 720p 25 fps project with 2048 frames is 5 min!)


2020-09-08 19:42

manager   ~0004010

The best way to take advantage of multiple CPUs on your computer is with enabling Render Farm in the Settings->Preferences, Performance tab since you already have "Background Rendering" enabled, using multiple CPUs helps a lot. The down side is that when you do File->Render you may want to remember to turn it off --- or not! GG frequently enables the Render Farm for his 128 CPU Epyc computer to render a 2 hour movie in just a few minutes.

However, if you are using Background Rendering to speed up Transitions, I will update your BT on that to let you know that GG is testing code which may not work to speed them up.

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