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0000515Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-10-02 12:15
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Summary0000515: Effect bars to create a better overview.
DescriptionThis idea has been hovering in my head for quite some time. With many effects and many files, you quickly lose track. ;-)

To make life in Cinelerra much easier it would be very handy if I could drag an effect bar into the timeline, which I can give a color and new name. This empty effect bar is only there to provide a better overview and color separation. Maybe you can add a small note function there, so you can make notes about certain sections, which you can recall later.
So you can summarize effects and sections by color and name. Probably this implementation would not be a big effort, but would be a great help to create order and structure in the timeline.




2020-10-02 12:15

reporter   ~0004112

I know it is not the same but, sometimes, I use one or two "Subttl" tracks to do that.
I disable "Play track" and "Don't send to output", and change the color bar like an edit can do.
And if I needed I can move them with Roll feature.


2020-10-02 11:40

administrator   ~0004108

Yes, exactly. Like a commentary track. To make notes ("up to here done" or "this point needs colour" or "this was shot at 60p on the camcorder") and mark certain areas with colors.


2020-10-02 11:36

reporter   ~0004107

A comments track could be turned on/off with choice of top or bottom of stack


2020-10-02 11:35

reporter   ~0004106

Edit title bars only highlight an edit, they can't give information of precise points on the timeline, eg. "up to here done" or "this point needs colour" or "this was shot at 60p on the camcorder"


2020-10-02 11:30

reporter   ~0004105

Much like a new track? A comments track. Shaded background so it appears different.

On that one can set
-marker lines or arrows, any colour,
-titles and notes for organisation/reminders/to-do list
-symbols for quick pointers


2020-09-29 17:10


Namable_effect_bars.jpg (212,999 bytes)
Namable_effect_bars.jpg (212,999 bytes)

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