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0000523Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-10-11 02:15
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PlatformAMD Ryzen 3700XOS LinuxOS VersionDevuan Beowulf
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Summary0000523: Ou e le Help on the menus?
DescriptionI notice that there is no Help in the Menus. Perhaps CinGG needs an actual Help drop down?
This would aid newcomers and beginners as they start learning what CinGG can do and they want to progress quickly.

On the drop down could be:

About (taken off Preferences window)
Show Tips
Secrets of Cinelerra
Online Manual
Visit Website
Bug Tracker

I opened the online manual just now and found it was a PDF! Is that the same 59Mb PDF download?
I think it would be more browser friendly that we reach an html index from that link on the site and from there open other html pages - but if that kind of manual hasn't been made, I appreciate that it would be a fair bit of work to build it. Maybe there are automatic ways, to put each chapter into html format and save someone a heap of time checking html line breaks and creating tables and image inserts?
I guessed the Secrets of Cinelerra manual included at /usr/share/cin/doc/cinelerra.html is old, is it? But it is still very useful for learning techniques of Cinelerra.
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2020-10-11 02:15

reporter   ~0004235

You all have a really cool attitude. I hope more serious programmers can get on board with their time and skills to help take the strain from GG. As always with Linux, there seem to be too many projects going with not enough input instead of more people focusing their efforts on only a few.


2020-10-10 06:06

manager   ~0004230

What beautiful words! It reminds me of the times when Linux and internet were developed mainly in university environments, characterized almost exclusively by knowledge and sharing, without many other interests (monetary or not). I know, I'm old and nostalgic... Phyllis, GG and Sam: thanks for everything!


2020-10-10 01:40

manager   ~0004229

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The donations that GG would really, really like is more developer/programmer volunteer time. He does get help and mods occasionally but could use more !! The donations that are much appreciated by both of us is ALREADY BEING PROVIDED very nicely in the following ways:

1) Using the Bug Tracker to notify us of bugs, send dumps, and suggest improvements. Yes, it is true that there are so many unfinished suggestions and a few questionable bugs out there, but just having a place to look to get ideas is so helpful. We seem to have plenty of donations using this methodology -- some quite frequently and others just once. It all helps as does the Forum.
2) Language translations is a great donation already in place. We could certainly use more here -- even a single word translation for any language is worth it to me. We have donations in this area for some languages right now.
3) Testing is very important as a way to donate time and it does not even have to be anything special -- just using CinGG in a usual manner can find issues that no one else does due to differences in workflow, operating systems, computer hardware, various desktops. There are "regulars" who routinely compile from the GIT to provide us with an early warning system for problems with new code. And there are other donators who as soon as there is a new monthly build, read the Release Notes and check things out. Even if a user finds zero problems, giving us feedback to say they used the latest builds with no problems, helps.
4) Working on the Manual is a major area where Andrey, Andrea, and MatN have donated many, many hours of their time. As well as others who have honed in a a specific area to refine the wording.

That being said, monetary donations for server hardware and installed software on the server would be appreciated but GG and I just let Sam worry about that !



2020-10-09 10:17

administrator   ~0004227

As already written in other posts, our goal is not to make a financial profit, but we will make preparations to accept donations in the future to cover at least the server costs, incoming costs and maybe an occasional pizza for the active participants. It only took some time to clarify the legal framework. We are working on it and soon there will be this possibility to support us with a small donation.

I have already created a team page, but due to time constraints, especially due to corona-related postponement of my tasks with my customers and the resulting trouble, I have not yet come to release it. But I will take your suggestions as an opportunity to expand the Team-Page. This will be done in the next days.



2020-10-09 09:54

reporter   ~0004226

Another thing, do you guys except donations, whether money/bitcoin/gold/coffees?
Those who use the software for profits could be encouraged to put something back into the project, to help toward the real hard work that you all do to make CinGG a real amazing software for Linux. If I got rich sometime I would send you something! Just because I am very happy to have CinGG on my Devuan box. However I do happen to live in a bamboo house in the jungle and survive mostly off my own crops, so that may have to wait awhile :(

And one other thing, on the CinGG website About page, how about some intro to the team, and who you all are and what areas of the project you each take care of? and how you all joined the team and at what stage in the project. Even some project history, how Cinelerra was created (HV) and how it branched to CV and GG and CVE etc


2020-10-07 17:46

manager   ~0004211

We have been saving the "h" key shortcut for implementation of Help for years but never get to it. Always hoping for a volunteer!

The "Secrets of Cinelerra" is the original manual from the original author and I occasionally reference it myself and find it useful but I think it would not be advantageous for most people. As written in that manual, there are no screenshots because they get outdated (as Andrea can attest).

The online manual is the same as the website as it is a reference to that. Creating an html manual from the LaTex version (published as the PDF) would be a wonderful addition.

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