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0000531Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-10-30 16:09
ReporterIgorBeg Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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Platformx64OSLinux-UbuntuStudioOS Version16.04
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Summary0000531: Tile Mixers feature no tiles correctly
DescriptionI create the Mixer Viewers and then I use Window-> Mixers...-> Tile Mixers (Alt-t) to tile them.
They change the size of the Mixer Viewers and they overlap. I don't think it depends by my OS or screen resolution.
Please, take a look at

@Pierre (and others)
Could you confirm or less when/if you have a few of time, please?
Additional InformationCin_20201024 by testing
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2020-10-30 16:09

manager   ~0004327

It took a little time, but gg recreated the edge case and he thinks he can fix it.


2020-10-30 12:17

reporter   ~0004326

Okay, I understand for both:
a. “He does not want to make the Mixers option any bigger to save space for the listing of the videos in the mixer mix”
b. “the possibility of releasing the LMB to create the rectangle instead of the final RMB. This is certainly an option BUT the rectangle creator program code is generic to be used in multiple places ...”

I think that it works in a excellent way.
I uploaded a new screencast only to show you that sometimes there is a special case which can not be avoided, I think. And I can drag a different rectangle and it is works really good also for vertical positioning.


2020-10-30 00:42

updater   ~0004325

Wow... It's now super efficient!

Here the public health services say that because of the pandemic we might not be able to celebrate Christmas this year, they are apparently wrong... Christmas is today!


2020-10-30 00:19

manager   ~0004324

About: both Tile Mixers and Drag Tile Mixers options, gg suggested to use RMB (just like you already discovered). He does not want to make the Mixers option any bigger to save space for the listing of the videos in the mixer mix.

About: the possibility of releasing the LMB to create the rectangle instead of the final RMB. This is certainly an option BUT the rectangle creator program code is generic to be used in multiple places -- currently it is used by Grabshot (RMB in an empty spot in the Media folder of the Resources window). It is needed here in order to allow for modifying the grabshot area without creating many grabshot outputs that you do not want but inadvertently created while getting everything in just the right position. A specific example - you use grabshot to capture a section of the video on the timeline but then you decide to pick a longer portion so you need to let up on the LMB to start over. If LMB used to create the rectangle, then you would have created a junk grabshot taking up disk space.

1. Yes, they might still overlap if there are too many mixers to fit in the space BUT please try the new static build for ubuntu 16 as shown in the previous note.
2. OK, GG will look at this next month for the hand-rolled mixer. Thanks for both demos.


2020-10-29 23:20

manager   ~0004323

Try it now!! Thanks for the "desired" png example. I think the latest changes should get anyone what they want.


2020-10-29 13:29

manager   ~0004319

Could you send a screenshot of how you arrange your mixers inside the rectangle? You can send privately to [email protected] if necessary. And anyone else that has a suggestion -- we have to use an arithmetic calculation to arrange within the rectangle because sometimes you may have 5 mixers and sometimes 8 so they have to fit in different combinations.


2020-10-29 10:34

reporter   ~0004317

Thanks Pierre for all. And Thanks GG/Phyllis.

Wow! I think it is really good!
If possible, could you create two different items for "Tile Mixers (Alt+T)" and "Drag Tile Mixers"?
So, "Tile Mixers (Alt+T)"automatically tiles the mixer viewers and "Drag Tile Mixers" do the new feature. (Note: if we use RMB on a Mixer Viewer we can see/use "Tile Mixers" option.)
Do you think it would be possible to use the Drag option without the final RMB? It would be more intuitive that you drag the rectangle and when you release the LMB it executes the tile.

It is very good to save the positions of the Mixer Viewers in the Project and in Layouts. Thanks!

Two things (I use one only monitor):
1. By my tests sometimes it still overlap. It seems to depend from the width of the dragged rectangle. Take a look the screencast
2. If I create Mixer Viewer by "hand" like in video tutorial "Multi Camera editing" ( ), instead of using "Open Mixer"or "Insert Mixer"by RMB in Resources window, the Window-> Mixers... menu shows n empty items on the bottom: I guess they are about the Mixer Viewers I opened by hand.
Take a look the screencast

(Cin_20201028 by testing. As usually, thanks for the ub16 build)

GG, you are really a war machine! ;-)


2020-10-29 03:39

updater   ~0004313

Ok I realize that the configuration of the Tile won't allow me to make the mixers appear exactly at the size and in the layout I prefer.

But this option still allows me to get close to that goal... which then facilitates precise positioning.

And once a new, well-configured project is saved, every time you open that project, the mixers are arranged exactly as you want them to be.


2020-10-29 03:05

manager   ~0004312

You might just have to make a larger rectangle due to the calculation the program makes to get everything to fit. Your arranging them after the rectangle coordinates are saved does not change the saved layout - only the coordinates of the rectangle are recorded in $HOME/.bcast5/Cinelerra_rc as:

However, if you save a project with the mixers arranged the way you want, that does get saved.
We will look into a way to make sure users know about the right mouse button click to get the coordinates recorded.


2020-10-29 02:27

updater   ~0004311


This is what was missing... Now the Mixers move to the indicated area.

But the a mixers are small, grouped in a block of two lines.

I've enlarged them and arranged them vertically like the layout already shown. Then saved this modified layout.

BUT when I reopen this modified layout, the mixers are again very small and grouped in two lines... They lost the layout I had made of them.


2020-10-29 01:48

manager   ~0004310

OK, maybe we have a simpler answer here.
When you drag the rectangle, you use the left mouse button to create the rectangle. BUT to have the rectangle take effect, you stop dragging and you must CLICK THE RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON.
We are booting Mint now, but only have 1 monitor.


2020-10-29 01:25

manager   ~0004309

That is strange. It is going to take some time to set up 3 screens here but it worked when we did 1 and 2 screens. Will have to check Mint also. Thanks for the feedback.


2020-10-29 00:56

updater   ~0004308


Sorry but it doesn't seem to be working.

First I tried to save the layout of an existing project (latout presented in this thread under the name Tile.png) which has mixers already well positioned vertically in my central screen. So I saved the layout again.

But when I then load this modified layout, the mixers move and are all in the upper left corner of my right screen (I guess this is the default position of the mixers).

I then tried the Drag Tile Mixers command, creating a frame that corresponds to their desired display area, but the mixers don't move there.

I then tried with a project that did not have mixers, copying your procedure for making and positioning them. Again, the mixers do not position themselves within the frame.

Could it be that the fact that I am using 3 screens is causing the problem? I also tried to create the Tile area in the right screen where they appear... but without success.

As for Src Target, now it works.


2020-10-28 22:54

manager   ~0004307

A new way is now available and checked into GIT. If you have time, please check to see if it works OK for you. Static tars for Mint 18 and Ubuntu 16 are at AND include yesterday's checkin for fixing Src Target:
There is a short demo at:


2020-10-27 17:01

manager   ~0004302

Yes and Yes !
The Tile Mixers was initially programmed to expect the default layout and it seems to line the windows up based on the position and size of the main timeline window.
GG says "Yes" this needs improvement but when initially working on this, the goal was to get things going and now maybe he has time to improve it.


2020-10-27 03:02

updater   ~0004299


I never use "Tile Mixers"; it does not meet my needs.
I usually place my mixers vertically in my central screen right next to the Compositor window (see my usual layout below).

Unfortunately, the "Save Layout" function does not remember the positions and dimensions of my mixers, so I have to resize and place each mixer for each new project.

I would like to have the possibility to save several mixers layouts that I can then quickly apply as needed.

Tile.png (3,910,603 bytes)


2020-10-26 12:51

reporter   ~0004297

Thanks @Andrea_Paz for your confirm and suggestion.
I tried the Mixer Viewers (4 Viewers) with the Default layout (Default positions Ctrl+P) and it works right. Thanks!
I think it would be fine if it worked also for different layouts, if possible. Time ago, when I did the MultiCam video tutorial it worked fine, if I remember correctly, but I can wrong.


2020-10-26 11:59

manager   ~0004295

I confirm the behavior.
I think that the size and behavior of the openmixers and the following tiling are tied to the default layout size. If we use a different size of the Viewer windows, the open mixers are still sized with respect to the default and the tiling will also refer to the default size, not to the custom size.
It was mentioned, but I don't remember if it was in the mailing-list or in Mantis BT.
Try to repeat the test with the default layout.

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