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0000548Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2021-02-02 19:04
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Summary0000548: Suggestion for improving the BathRender window
Description1- I think that the batch render assistant should not remember the last job, after closing the session, and always open blank.
We precisely have the save and load button if we want to save the batch render list.
I don't see much sense to the ~/.cast5/batchrender.rc file
It would be more useful to improve the "Save jobs" option, showing the location of the xml file and if it already exists, simply when saving does not reopen the explorer window, a warning to overwrite, and simply pressing Load jobs will load it if it is in the box. The latter saved file if it could be remembered.
2- Is it possible that the batch render does not take into account the position of the playhead?
This lacks any logic in batch processing. Typically, the entire project is rendered regardless of where the playhead was left.
3- Just a suggestion. Is it possible to add the option to render the area marked with the in and out points?
For example, in a project I mark an area and by means of a button I indicate that in the new line of the project loaded in EDL Path only this area is rendered, if later I create a new line and modify the in and out points, I can add this to this new line and then the batch render will export these fragments to me, from the same or several projects.
View Image.
In this way it would even be better than in many professional applications.
You just have to explain the importance of creating a new line before changing data. It is the only thing that is not intuitive, but once it is known it is no longer a problem.
I'm sticking with the idea of removing the Save to EDL button and the job/session match option, but this could go on as Andrew-R has done.
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2021-02-01 15:37

reporter   ~0004613

@Andrea_Paz, I made the quick start guide, in all the languages in which Cinelerra is translated, to facilitate learning about its use for users who do not know English.

What if possible is an html that instead of automatically opening the file in the local language of the user's browser, it simply offers a list in the languages in which it is translated and that the user decides which to open.

It is an idea, but if this is going to cause problems, we better leave it only in English and those who do not know English should learn or use another editor where there are no problems with the translations of the help guides.



2021-02-01 08:58

manager   ~0004612

Nice job Rafa, my compliments!
I wanted to make a small personal criticism:
From the beginning it was decided to use English as the language for documentation; the reason is simple: there are no people/time to implement multiple languages. So I would prefer just using English pdf, rather than partial implementations, leaving the other languages to personal modifications by users if they wish.


2021-01-28 20:11

reporter   ~0004606

Another improvement would be to add a help button, [?], That opens the pdf of the quick start guide. It would be perfect if you even open the guide in the language that Cinelerra has configured. At the moment the guides are in English and Spanish. This can be a pdf or an html file, which I can make the template myself so that it can later be translated into different languages.


2021-01-19 21:00


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