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0000554Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2021-02-16 23:50
Reporterskinkie Assigned To 
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Product Version2020-08 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000554: Feather edges upon rotation
DescriptionAt this moment the rotation effect has some visual effect that causes hard edges. I would rather want to see the edge blending in with the background.
Steps To ReproduceApply the rotation effect. Place a light background behind it.
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2021-02-16 23:50

manager   ~0004650

It seems to me like it already does a little blending, but I could be wrong. It does look like it does some interpolation in the code. If you look at the attached file, you see:

1) not sharp edges but gradual color changes when you zoom in which I assumed was blending
2) the second image is the Title plugin letter "a" when you zoom in and "smooth" is disabled
3) the third image is the Title plugin letter with the "smooth" (blended?) option enabled

blended_or_not.png (15,212 bytes)
blended_or_not.png (15,212 bytes)


2021-02-14 08:55

manager   ~0004637

I confirm the issue.
I thought the cause was the video driver setting to X11-OpenGL, which uses only "Nearest" as a scaling algorithm and has insufficient quality. But the problem remains even when using only X11 set to bilinear, bicubic or Lanczos.


2021-02-13 23:44


edge.png (81,340 bytes)
edge.png (81,340 bytes)

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