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0000571Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2021-06-02 07:50
Reporterpallium Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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Summary0000571: Overlay : Alpha
DescriptionCan you add the plugin of frei0r : alphaatop. ->
Keep the alpha of the track above and remplace the pixels of the track above with the track below. Maybe with an example, it's more clear (video and picure below).
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2021-06-02 07:50

reporter   ~0004776

I am glad you have seen other things in my demo. This was my goal.
When I do a demo I try to add other things that an User might think useful.

About the 3 my demo, I guess you would like to have their with subtitles or am I wrong?
Let's see. (I am getting lazy,... sorry)


2021-06-02 00:48

reporter   ~0004773

Hooo we need to do a "sandwich overlay". Very good!!! Thanks @IgorBeg. You also solved another of my problem: I didn't know to import a transition in black and white. Now it's possible with overlay and chromakey.

import-transition.png (835,831 bytes)
transition-overlay-chromakey.webm (752,198 bytes)


2021-06-01 20:37

manager   ~0004772

[@IgorBeg; OT]
Any chance you'd like to turn these 2 videos on alpha mode and the other on copying effects keyframes into video tutorials?


2021-06-01 18:34

reporter   ~0004771

Cinelerra[--] can do that!

Like @Andrea_Paz said you can use Overlay Mode,... or Overlay plugin (this one is more "flexible").
Of course your "Color Model" in Settings-> Format...-> Video section have to be RGBA or YUVA (with Alpha Channel).

For Overlay plugin you can see my demo at:
For Overlay Mode you can see my demo at:


2021-05-31 15:27

reporter   ~0004770

I just suggest. I don't want to stress someone. Cinelerra is a great surprise and I just want to help the project with my experience in video editing.

I tried all the overlays of Cinelerra 3 times and I don't get a similar result.


2021-05-31 14:59

manager   ~0004769

I don't know much about Overlays. Probably what you are looking for is "Dsatop" or its opposite "Srcatop", which are among the Porter-Duff Overlays. see:


2021-05-31 14:07

manager   ~0004768

That would be a good addition. It is not as easy as just "adding it". A whole new plugin program has to be
written in C++ code to create the desired effect.
Is there another plugin already that would get similar results?


2021-05-31 11:40


overlay-alpha.webm (190,805 bytes)
kdenlive-alphaatop.png (26,124 bytes)
kdenlive-alphaatop.png (26,124 bytes)

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