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0000588Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2021-10-11 17:11
ReporterMatN Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformX86_64OSMint XFCEOS Version20.2
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000588: AppImage leaves old files in .bcast5 directory
DescriptionI notices that there are a lot of old ladspa plugin files in .bcast5 , with names like:


These are not created each time you start CinGG, have not figured out yet when they do. There are days when I see 8 of them.

I think these should be cleaned up, maybe auto-delete older ones on startup?
Steps To ReproduceNot yet determined the exact procedure, but frequent.
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2021-10-11 17:11

manager   ~0005054

Changes have been checked into GIT. See BT 0000591.


2021-10-11 13:52

reporter   ~0005052

@Andrea_Paz, thank you for testing.
That file ladspa_plugins.CINGG_20211010_173317 looks good to me.
Note that if you want to include both CinGG's and external ladspa plugins, you have to set the LADSPA_PATH environment variable. And you'll get an separate ladspa index file for each ladspa directory.


2021-10-11 08:23

manager   ~0005050

For me it formed a "ladspa_plugin..." inside .bcast5. I deleted this file and starting the new appimage, a similar file forms.I attach the file if you are interested....

ladspa_plugins.CINGG_20211010_173317 (8,494 bytes)


2021-10-08 21:35

reporter   ~0005018

Fix available, see BT591:


2021-10-03 18:55

reporter   ~0005012

The problem occurs because CinGG uses the complete path of the built-in ladspa plugins to form the file name. On an AppImage, the path is different each time. In itself, this makes sense, if you have multiple versions of CinGG on your system. But I don't think that is a typical use case.
Have to see if there is a way to detect we're running as an AppImage.


2021-09-13 23:11

manager   ~0004961

BUT now I noticed that on past days, I even have multiple with built CinGG. Let me see if I can figure out when a new one is created.


2021-09-13 20:36

manager   ~0004960

Weird. It looks like every single time the AppImage is started there is a new one but not when you run a built CinGG. It must have something to do with the job id.

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