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0000589Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2021-09-23 20:24
ReporterMatN Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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PlatformX86_64OSMint XFCEOS Version20.2
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Summary0000589: 2021-08 AppImage multibit: Resource window does not honor disable "set focus when window entered"
DescriptionIf a Firefox window is sitting partially on top of the resources window, as soon as the mouse moves over the resource window it pops to the front.

I have seen some other wrong popups also, but not yet determined the reprodution sequence. But for instance I have seen the info box of the projector disappear behind the Compositor.
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2021-09-23 20:24

reporter   ~0004989

OK, it is something on my Mint XFCE 20.2 .
Tested on Mint 19.2, Mint 19.3, Fedora 34, and Manjaro, all with XFCE desktop (same machine, real hardware, not VM).
Only Mint 20.2 has the problem:
- always: In Resources, select video effects, the effects are set as a list of text only. Go the the main window, make it bigger so it overlaps Resources. Move the mouse over Compositor and Viewer, focus stays at main window. Move mouse over the list of video effects, Resource window jumps to the fore.
- mostly: load a video, put a video effect on it (I used brightness/contrast), open its settings. After a very short time the settings window flips behind the main window. You can go to it via the window list or make the main window smaller.

I checked XFCE settings, xfwm4, that "click to focus" is enabled (on all platforms). So it is a specific problem to hopefully my system only.


2021-09-23 08:04

reporter   ~0004987

@Andrew-R, I am using XFCE as specified in the original issue. However, you and Phyllis gave me the idea to test on on older Mint XFCE versions, and Fedora and Manjaro, to see if maybe the OS is guilty. Hopefully later today.


2021-09-23 07:37

reporter   ~0004986

may be different window manager/desktop environment settings interfere here?

are you using xfce, GNOME(3), kde(5) or something else? I think I saw 'raise/lower' functions in CinGg code but they a bit too low-level for my understanding.. it even might be I break something while implementing 'switchable (on/off) separate windows from main menu' some time ago, so may be testing earlier versions can help to determenate if it was working before...


2021-09-22 22:51

manager   ~0004985

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I could not get this to happen on Sept. 18 when I first read this using AppImage. Today I tried again using a new .bcast5 and still can not get it to happen. I always just use Firefox. Perhaps there is something that needs to be different when I test. Do you see the problem if you start CinGG with: CIN_CONFIG=/tmp/bcasttemp ./CinGG-20210831-x86_64.AppImage so that you have a default setup? It may be the cause is due to some specific preference that I would not be using in my test.



2021-09-21 18:45

reporter   ~0004984

There is definitely something wrong. On a debug build (not an AppImage) I have the same. It happens frequently that if you open set settings of an effect, its window appears shortly only the be covered by another window, like the main window. The window is there, just below others. At the point that the window pops up, the mouse is frequently still above the main window.

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