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0000594Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2021-11-01 19:26
ReporterMatN Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformX86_64OSMint XFCEOS Version20.2
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000594: .mxf rendering fails when including audio
DescriptionCinGG version: 2021-09 multibit AppImage
I wanted to create a 5 second video/audio movie with the 6 different mxf rendering options, to check compatibility with commercial NLE editors. However, I could not render when I included audio. If I did include audio, it complained with "mismatch audio/video file format:" followed by the output file name.
It did not make a difference whether I try to render a selection or the whole project.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create new project, import movie, load strategy "replace current project". Format H264 1080p50yuv420 .
2. Select a 5 second part.
3. Shift-R to get the render window.
4. Select file format ffmpeg.mxf . Already both video and audio render boxes become unchecked! Why?
5. Manually check audio and video render boxes.
6. Select video compression, e.g. mxf_h264_b.mxf Has the same default yuv settings as the project's settings).
7. Set output file name, start render. The error occurs.
Additional InformationYesterday I manage to render inclusive audio once only, but don't know which CinGG version I was using. The video format was mxf_avcintra_100.mxf, but this does not work today. (And the resulting .mxf file played fine in VLC on Linux and Windows10, but PremierePro did not recognize the format).
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2021-10-21 22:27

reporter   ~0005111

@PhyllisSmith, i think libaom-v3.1.0.patch1 really should be named libaom-v3.1.1.patch1 becuse this isvwhat we use and buildsystem assumes name of source trabal before. tar. * part and patch name is the same.

also, if ffmpeg/libaom/x264 update works ok may be you can delete old tarballs?


2021-10-21 21:43

manager   ~0005110

Tested and checked into GIT, the defaults for mxf format.
(Also tested and checked in randrik18/0008-libaom-3.1.0-and-libwebp-1.1.0-patches-for-thirdpart.patch - PLEASE VERIFY)


2021-10-21 21:04

reporter   ~0005109

@MatN - re: ffv1 in mxf

I think according to those links it still not done/under discussion


2021-10-21 20:58

reporter   ~0005108

@MatN, ah, ffv1-in-mxf... I do not think ffmpeg's mxf muxer support this... not even sure if such combination allowed by mxf spec.. /


2021-10-21 20:15

reporter   ~0005107

@Andrew-R, I think the defaults are a good idea, I applied the patch here. But it does not solve the problem of unchecked boxes. Like Phyllis wrote, if you call the render menu, I think audio/video boxes should be checked by default if audio/video tracks are present in the current project. I am not sure these settings are part of the project (and saved in the .xml project file)?

@PhyllisSmith, good idea, a chapter about exchanging files with other NLEs could be helpful.

@Andrew-R, ffv1 works for avi and mov, but it is not in the list of video compression for mxf.
For avi and mov, the same input as for my previous test generates file size of 166 MB. Smaller than OpenMpeg anyway, and VLC plays it fine.


2021-10-21 16:38

reporter   ~0005106

I tried to make mxf.dfl (defaults) for audio and video, still you might need to re-select ffmpeg/mxf _WITH BOTH AUDIO AND VIDEO CHECKBOXES CHECKED/ENABLED_ for those defaults to have effect..

0001-defaults-for-mxf-ffmpeg-profiles.patch (894 bytes)
From c3f55106fa5ae7ae3e71d5c8b553491d8dd47bbd Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Andrew Randrianasulu <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2021 19:33:15 +0300
Subject: [PATCH] defaults for mxf ffmpeg profiles

 cinelerra-5.1/ffmpeg/audio/mxf.dfl | 1 +
 cinelerra-5.1/ffmpeg/video/mxf.dfl | 1 +
 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 cinelerra-5.1/ffmpeg/audio/mxf.dfl
 create mode 100644 cinelerra-5.1/ffmpeg/video/mxf.dfl

diff --git a/cinelerra-5.1/ffmpeg/audio/mxf.dfl b/cinelerra-5.1/ffmpeg/audio/mxf.dfl
new file mode 100644
index 00000000..02ebb126
--- /dev/null
+++ b/cinelerra-5.1/ffmpeg/audio/mxf.dfl
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
diff --git a/cinelerra-5.1/ffmpeg/video/mxf.dfl b/cinelerra-5.1/ffmpeg/video/mxf.dfl
new file mode 100644
index 00000000..3b8d8cb9
--- /dev/null
+++ b/cinelerra-5.1/ffmpeg/video/mxf.dfl
@@ -0,0 +1 @@



2021-10-21 15:47

reporter   ~0005105

@PhyllisSmith, I think this little automatization at least prevent erroneously trying to set audo codec for image-only containers/formats?

but for mxf may be renaming audio profiles to have same name as video ones might help? or some new mxf.mxf profile with new most compatible combination (like dnxhr/24 bit pcm)?


2021-10-21 15:30

manager   ~0005104

Once verified, perhaps the information MatN uncovered about "exchanging media" should be mentioned as a note in the manual?
I agree we should leave this open until someone figures out why the boxes are unchecked. There are other casees. For example:
1) choose 'png' instead of ffmpeg. The audio checkbox automatically is unchecked and ghosted out AND "one frame" checkbox is automatically checked.
2) choosing 'dpx" under ffmpeg, also unchecks boxes and is a recently added one by Andrea.
3) it seems that once the boxes are unchecked, they usually stay unchecked -- so if you choose 'dpx' and then switch to "mp4", they stay unchecked.
(Maybe the above is a hint of where to look in the code?)


2021-10-21 15:03

reporter   ~0005102


in theory ffv1 profiles are installed:

$ less bin/ffmpeg/video/ffv1.<tab>
ffv1.avi ffv1.mkv


2021-10-21 14:47

reporter   ~0005101

Well, I got the result back from importing the 5 different encoded mxf files into Adobe Premiere Pro (APP) en DaVinci Resolve (DVR). The encoding was 5 seconds of a HD movie with 2 audio channels.

avcintra, size 5.2 MB. APP - jittery playback. DVR - does not play.
dnxhr_proxy, size 48 MB. APP - OK. DVR - OK
h264_b, size 6.3 MB, APP - does not import. DVR - OK
mpeg2, size 5.5MB. APP - OK. DVR - OK
openjpeg2000, size 510 MB. APP - imports but no picture. DVR - OK

So, for now the safest bet for exchanging media as mxf files between CinGG, APP and DVR seems to be dnxhr. There is probably a quality difference between mpeg2 and dnxhr.

CinGG does not support ffv1?


2021-10-21 13:12

reporter   ~0005100

@Andrew-R @PhyllisSmith,
You are right. The problem was that the audio format was not selected. As soon as I selected it (16 bit pcm) the rendering went OK for 5 out of 6 formats. I could not render the DV format because apparently it does not support the 1920x1080 format.
I missed the bit in the manual that Phyllis mentioned, my bad. I don't remember ever having to set the audio format before.
May I suggest to keep this open until we find out why the boxes/setting are not automatically filled in?


2021-10-20 19:18

manager   ~0005096

Not much help here but the manual does say this: "The Render window will sometimes automatically update the Render Audio Tracks or Render Video Tracks checkbox as allowed by the chosen file format, but you should always check." It must be something in the code !!


2021-10-20 18:07

manager   ~0005095

This puzzles me too and I have no recollection why this occurs but will see if I can find some explanation -- "4. Select file format ffmpeg.mxf . Already both video and audio render boxes become unchecked! Why?"

However, as soon as I check both the audio and the video boxes, the first available mxf format for both the audio and video comes up when I check the "wrench" and the render works.


2021-10-20 16:13

reporter   ~0005094

well, in theory there should be two audio choices in ffmpeg/audio folder:


try to select one of them manually?

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