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0000006Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-08-07 18:09
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Summary0000006: Add a "Reset" button to the Video/Audio plugins.
DescriptionSome of the native video and audio plugins have a "Reset" button which makes it easy to revert to the original default parameter values. It would be convenient if any of the plugins that do not already have one, could have a reset added.

A couple of examples would be the Video plugins: Brightness/Contrast and Sharpen. There are several.
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2019-08-07 18:09

manager   ~0002003

An anonymous contributor had added many of the Reset buttons for commonly used plugins. If there is still a specific plugin for which a Reset button is still desirable, a new issue can be opened.

Part of the reason for this early BT was to attract a developer who was not already using Cinelerra, to help with Cinelerra who might be interested in learning more by starting with a do-able task. Now there are plenty of other tasks that might do the same!


2019-02-23 19:05

manager   ~0000985

I hadn't thanked you and the other contributors yet. The reset button is really useful.


2019-02-23 18:24

manager   ~0000983

18 more video plugins had a reset button applied in January to include:
 Polar, Wave, Whirl, Blur, Radial Blur, Linear Blur, and Zoom Blur, Oil painting, Unsharp, Rumbler, YUV, YUV411, YUVShift, Swap Channels, ShiftInterlace, RGBShift, Translate, and Swap Frames.

A list of a few more video plugins that would benefit less from a Reset button as they are not as frequently used are:
Difference Key
Interpolate Bayer
Interpolate Video
Inverse Telecine
Motion Blur
Scale Ratio
Selective Temporal Averaging
Sphere Cam
SVG via Inkscape
Time Average

Some of the other native video plugins really do not need reset because they either have no or very obvious settings or are too complicated anyway, like the Motion plugins, where you would probably not want to accidentally reset them and lose a lot of setup.

23 video plugin resets have been done and 18 as listed above could be done but maybe not worthwhile.

Also, only 1 of the Audio Native plugins has a reset button, but I do not think adding that is of much value.


2019-01-05 21:18

manager   ~0000501

5 more plugins have a reset button:
 Hue Saturation (this helps a lot to get back to defaults)


2018-12-11 16:27

reporter   ~0000140

It would be very handy if in addition to a reset button, you could also cause a reset by a double-clicking on a slider. If there are multiple sliders (like in the "hue saturation" effect), then you don't need a reset button for each (or maybe not any at all). Other NLE (windows based) work this way. Another effect where this would be handy is color-3-way.


2018-12-06 17:39

manager   ~0000067

Level 1 HELP needed
A C programmer at level 1 (level 1 being the easiest on a level 5 rating system) can help with this. You do not even have to know anything about cinelerra except for compiling it, running it, and putting a plugin on the timeline. We can show you in a few steps how to do this. By looking at the code in the "gradient" plugin, it is easy to see how this is done. Similiar code could be added to, for example, "sharpen". We could supply a list of plugins needing a reset button and even if you just modify the code, we can do the testing and feedback the results to get someone started.

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