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0000615Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2022-06-13 21:14
Reporterquintao Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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PlatformAMD Ryzen 3700XOS LinuxOS VersionDevuan Beowulf
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Summary0000615: Effect bar title/icons far apart
DescriptionHi, a small issue but I find that, especially with a wide screen and wide timeline window, when effects are stacked up, the icons are too far from the effect title.
This means that you have to look at the left of screen to see where the effect is stacked, top, middle etc and then look over to the right and remember the effect position (as all effect bars are same colour too) to click the presets or controls icon.

If the icons sat next to the effect title, would it be more user friendly?
Maybe the choice of left, centre or right aligned on bar?
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2022-06-13 21:14

manager   ~0005331

Good suggestion - I just do not know how hard this would be to program but it would definitely have to be a choosable option so it would look the same for those who wanted it to be the same.
ALTERNATIVE - instead of scrolling to the right to look for the icon controls to use them, just Right Mouse Click on the desired Title Bar and you see the icon equivalents without having to move all the way to the right to get to the icons.

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