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0000623Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2022-11-19 22:48
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Summary0000623: Certain set of steps/files crash when switch from RGB-8 to RGBA-8
DescriptionWhen switch Format from RGB-8 to RGBA-8 after Load backup under specific steps, it always crashes.
Crash does not occur at least at February 2019, but does at April 2020.
Steps To Reproduce
Input files at (these files expire in this location after a short period of time):
Exact steps:
1) Startup CinGG from a window using new bcast files like: CIN_CONFIG=/tmp/bcast1 bin/cin
2) Load file of rainbow colors (from ppm3hx streamable) using strategy "replace current project". Click off error message.
3) Load file of flowers (from ft4qhb streamable) using strategy "append in new tracks".
4) Using the Video pulldown, choose "attach effect" and pick the Overlay effect.
5) Check the Settings pulldown and see that Format is currently at RGBA-8; switch to RGB-8.
6) Type "q" for quit in the main program window and choose "No".
7) Now run again using the same startup type of: CIN_CONFIG=/tmp/bcast1 bin/cin
8) Do not do anything else, just use the File pulldown and choose "Load backup". You can X the Tip window.
9) Using the Settings pulldown, choose Format and switch to RGBA-8.
10) Wait for it -- Boom, it crashes and any time you try to Load backup, it crashes.

Additional InformationAndrew R has already determined that this is probably somewhere in the Transfer functions.
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Both Andrea and Andrew have confirmed on several different build/computer types.
Workaround for now is to not change Color Model Format in session just before loading backup.

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