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0000625Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Forumpublic2022-12-16 13:21
Reporterblueskies3 Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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Product Version2020-08 
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Summary0000625: Cinelerra-gg Forum not accessible from Firefox and intermittantly from Chrome browser
DescriptionNot able to use forum properly recently. Difficulties in loging in; finding the login button and forum topic I started has no buttons to reply to my post. 'Add comment' button does not respond. Often, when trying to login or access new pages, the page never loads, seems to stall indefinitely. I tried to login from Firefox and Chrome from 2 different computers. Finally able to login from second computer only from Google Chrome, will test from Chromium browser.
Additional InformationI am not sure if this is the right place to report such issues...I am not a developer. I am curious to know if anyone else has encountered these issues., Forum, Freeze




2022-12-16 13:21

reporter   ~0005373

You are not alone. ;-)
It doesn't depend by Browser, unfortuantely.
You can see "0000619: Forum annoying issues, but not detrimental":

and "Recent Posts no updated":

Sometimes I have to swith to another Language, from English to Deutsch (or other), to reply and I don't know/understand German.


2022-12-13 16:37

manager   ~0005372

Oh... part of the problem of what you see in your case is that when you make an entry in the Forum, I am getting an email asking me to "Please Moderate" so I have to login to the website and Approve your Forum entry. With the time differences, I do not get this done until several hours later after you post.

It takes several entries by a user before they automatically get approved. Again, this is because we get weekly Spam about completely offtopic product endorsements, gambling, etc. However, I will update the manual to make notes of these issues.


2022-12-13 15:20

manager   ~0005371

"not sure if this is the right place to report such issues" -- you can report issues anywhere that works for you as we want to know about potential problems.

I think the issue with the Forum could be due to the way CloudFlare works to propagate it throughout the entire world on some time basis. Several users have reported that sometimes it does not show items for several hours after they have been posted.

"Forum not accessible from Firefox" - I always use Firefox and almost daily access the forum (using Fedora) and have not seen any problem viewing it - except for the aforementioned issue.

"'Add comment' button does not respond" - I have seen this problem at least twice and have found that if I logout and login again a few minutes later, it then responds. I will put in more effort the next time I see this to see if I can find the root cause. "started has no buttons to reply to my post" - I think this is a result of not actually being logged in.

Just an Important additional note -- we get quite a bit of Spam on our Forum and have had to do a lot of blocking of ip addresses to help to alleviate this, which potentially could impact the routes taken.


2022-12-13 05:28

reporter   ~0005370

I would like to update that I seem to be able to access the forum once again using the Chromium browser. Another note is that I had difficulties with both Ubuntu 20 and Ubuntu 22, Chrome Version 108.0.5359.98 (Official Build) (64-bit) & Firefox version 107.01 from a snap build. Thankyou.

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