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0000628Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2023-06-06 17:22
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Summary0000628: Add features - separate windows attributes + include git commit tag on build
DescriptionA couple of Feature requests for the future (as presented by Rob)
1) Separate out the windows attributes so that each window has it's own display preference setting.
2) Modify the build procedure so that make automatically includes the git commit tag from the version used to create the binary,
3) and with a cin --version option to inquire without it starting the GUI.
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2023-06-06 17:22

reporter   ~0005494

no progress on git log, but somewhat interesting articleon programking with xlib:
("Setting An X11 Window to Full Screen")

I think I saw some strange behavior running compiz + TDE + cingg when it comes
to recording virtual desktops, so worth investigating how those attribs works.


2023-01-11 16:51

manager   ~0005378

Waiting to hear possible results. Meanwhile want to log how Rob did this: "implemented such at my last job by saving git-commit-string as a macro
that could be read by the compiler and expanded during compiler preprocessing. the slight complication with your build system is that you don't always build from a git repo so in lieu of being able to call "git log" you would need an authoritative fall-back text file .version??? as part of the build." True, I never build from the git repo.


2023-01-11 03:33

reporter   ~0005376

for git hash google pops up this idea:

in makefile

        echo -n '#ifndef GIT_HASH\n#define GIT_HASH "' > $@ && \
        git rev-parse HEAD | tr -d "\n" >> $@ && \
        echo '"\n#endif' >> $@

then one can include this githash.h in our version.h (and not forgot to rm it on make clean.

I'll try this one

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