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0000629Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2023-01-14 10:50
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Summary0000629: Using audio clip (wav format) to sync to and use it as primary audio
DescriptionI'm using multiple cameras and an audio recorder to capture live performances. When editing, I use the audio recording as the main sound source as well as the main sync- the audio from the cameras is mainly for syncing, and I only occasionally mix that audio in to the final mix. At gigs, that main audio is from the board, right now it's from a Zoom h2n.

I was following this tutorial-
When I select an audio file, in wav format, to add to the mixer, it doesn't show up. The editing method seems to only add the audio from the individual cameras for each clip that's added to the timeline, which isn't what I need.

I've been using Kdenlive, with it, I use the base audio track as the reference and then sync all the other camera clips to it, then timelock the camera clips and remove the audio tracks then start editing my transitions between views.
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2023-01-14 10:50

reporter   ~0005380

In the Manual FAQ, Known Problems and Workarounds -> Audio tracks align with no video track, and in working with Mixers you can find the Workaround:

I put here the section about:
 The use of Open Mixers always requires the existence of a video track. See But, I want to use only the first set of audio tracks... We cannot act on audio tracks only, for example to align them. A workaround to get the audio tracks aligned would be:

1. You create/open the Mixer Viewer with Open Mixers in Resources window for the Videos with Audio. It will create, in the timeline, one Video track and two Audio tracks for each Media (Video/Audio), and its Mixer Viewer.
2. Add a new Video track (Shift+T shortcut) and two Audio tracks (t shortcut) for your audio (Left+Right channels?) without video: you are adding an empty Video track because Align Mixers feature needed a video track.
3. Move the Video track down until it is on the top of the two Audio tracks.
4. Insert your Audio into the two Audio tracks in the usual way.
5. Open/Create a Mixer Viewer from Menu → Window → Mixer... → Mixer Viewer (Shift+M).
6. Assign that Mixer Viewer (a white frame is shown when selected) to the one Video tracks (empty) and two Audio tracks, of the 0000002 point, pressing the arrow icons (Mixer) you find on the Patchbay on the left of the Main window. When assigned, you must to see the 3 arrow (for 1video + 2Audio) are pointing up.
7. Now, you can use Align Mixers feature as usual. See Audio/Video sync using Waveforms/Timecodes


2023-01-11 17:45

manager   ~0005379

I fixed the problem with the zip file -- awhile back I could not remember what that file was, saw it was big, so deleted it. My mistake. It is now back with a name that I should be able to recognize and I checked into GIT the corrected name. Thanks so much for your feedback on this issue.


2023-01-11 13:17

manager   ~0005377

I confirm that the audio only track (the external and main one) is not opened with OpenMixers; only those "video + embedded audio" tracks are opened and loaded into timeline. I don't know if it is possible to implent audio-only tracks in OpenMixers as well.
One workaround is to manually insert the external audio track, then open an empty mixer and connect the external track to that mixer. The other tracks with embedded audio are opened normally with OpenMixers.
Try following the example found in the manual:
(Note: if you want to download the files in the example the link on the page is no longer valid; you can use the link to my google drive if you want:
Another link that explains well how to associate a track (in the example a video track, but the same applies to audio tracks) with a mixer is the following:

No point in leaving a link in the manual that leads to nothing. You can remove it entirely or you can add my link to Google Drive; keep in mind, though, that dealing with Google is not the best in terms of privacy.


2023-01-11 01:24

manager   ~0005375

@webmadman :
@Andrea_Paz created that video so hopefully he will have some advice. Maybe this can be of some help:

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