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0000002Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-03-26 10:59
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Product Version2018-11 
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Summary0000002: Masking Enhancements and Improvements
DescriptionThis is a "wish list" of enhancements posted by users over time and some may no longer be desired and some may not be practical:

- a single control center for masks on different tracks, for example a "Mask Manager" window with enable/disable/delete options
- feather edges (feather inside, outside, both, none)
- bezier curves and shapes for masks (square, oval, free shape using bezier so can outline an object)
- add names for masks
- way to delete masks in compositor window instead of just in mask window
- copy, cut, paste masks between tracks
- ability to assign different masks in same track as 100% or 80% or ... and separate subtract and multiply differently
- draw mask outline only so can see background until ready to use it, that way it is easier to get a good orientation

Some mask criticisms that maybe could be improved:

- crosshairs of mask is too small and lacks color aggressiveness
- mask edit does not always go away
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2019-03-26 10:59

updater   ~0001258

In addition to the requests made for Mask tool, I would also like to propose the implementation of a different masking tool, the "Power Windows" of DaVinci Resolve:
It's one of the fundamental tools of secondary Color Correction and CinGG would really become similar to professional software (only Hue Curves would be missing).


2018-12-06 17:20

manager   ~0000066

Level 4 HELP needed:
A C programmer who is familiar enough with Cinelerra to basically just operate it, would be perfectly capable of implementing better masking controls and techniques. First it would require some design work for all of the needed improvements. Or perhaps programming a single additional function would help to get familiar with the current masking setup. Level 4 help is based on a level rating system with level 1 the easiest and level 5 the hardest.


2018-12-02 20:58

manager   ~0000011

I very much welcome this suggestion. +1


2018-12-02 20:54

updater   ~0000010

Add to new mask features:

- To be able to rotate the masks around a Pivot Point that we can set.
- To be able to resize the masks.
- Clone a mask on the same track.

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