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0000639Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2023-06-01 18:26
ReporterThanatermesis Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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PlatformLinuxOSElive (debian)OS Version3.8.20
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Summary0000639: Cannot use Huffyuv / Magicyuv codecs
DescriptionAfter long time trying to record the desktop with correct-looking colors, I finally found the way:

- In OBS settings -> advanced -> select *RGB for both color configs. In output -> output mode -> advanced + then in Recording -> custom output (ffmpeg) + container format: avi + Video encoder: huffyuv (optionally magicyuv)

If you don't record the desktop this way, the colors always looks like "washed out", making your recording looking very irreal, this result is similar to capturing your screen in jpg format or png format but worse

You can see clearly this loss of quality when recording the desktop and having a terminal opened with small fonts displaying some text in red, in your record these fonts are almost unreadable and with a totally different color, recording it with these codecs looks so perfect that it looks it is displaying the real desktop instead of a recording

Unfortunately, Cinelerra-GG doesn't seems to deal with these codecs, trying to edit them it becomes a bit unstable in different senses, and it also cannot play the clips (mpv plays them perfectly)
Steps To ReproduceJust try to use these recorded files in your cinelerra

(note: these recordings are huge, to betatest the issue is just more easy to record the desktop from obs and the settings explained before)
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2023-06-01 18:26

manager   ~0005489

Although it may not be perfect, workarounds seem to be acceptable.


2023-05-30 16:57

reporter   ~0005487

"Unfortunately, Cinelerra-GG doesn't seems to deal with these codecs, trying to edit them it becomes a bit unstable in different senses, and it also cannot play the clips (mpv plays them perfectly)@ - isn\t this still issue?

I used cingg's mjpeg444 preset + mplayer -vo x11 for verifying in the past (default vdpau/xv looked blurred)


2023-05-29 15:06

manager   ~0005486

(forgot to change status!)


2023-05-29 15:04

manager   ~0005485

@Andrea_Paz: thanks Andrea for explanation. I noticed that OBS Studio has come up a few times as problematic for CinGG. As in the manual:

A.2.1.3 Note on Matroska (mkv) container
Matroska is a modern universal container that is Open Source so there is lots of ongoing development with community input along with excellent documentation. The mkv format can be problematic if the source encoding is not done well by the program (for example, OBS Studio).

Not sure if anything else could be added in the manual to clarify? I will close this issue as @Thanatermesis suggested in a few days to give others time to easily view it.


2023-05-29 13:58

reporter   ~0005484

Following your container suggestion:

Other options in OBS that seems to work better with OBS:

- Matroska + huffyuv (comparison: +20% more of disk space, -20% of cpu usage)
- Mov + magiyuv (comparison: -20% of disk space, +20% of cpu usage)

In Cinelerra, seems like the video can be render this way in order to keep the quality of pixels / colors:
- Render -> Mov +

Finally, to compress the video for production keeping good quality seems like something like this can be used:

> $ ffmpeg -loglevel info -y -i -c:v hevc -preset ultrafast -qp 0 -c:a aac -b:a 160k -ac 2 production.mp4

(note: to have a better compression you can use preset veryslow, but it can be really slow to convert as the name suggests)


Maybe this issue can be closed since apparently these are settings that can be used / compatible for a good screen recording editing


2023-05-29 13:39

reporter   ~0005483

To summarize:
- the only way to record a video and having the correct colors is by using the huffyuv or magicyuv codecs for the video
- it is also required to configure the color formats in the advanced settings as:

Color Format: RGB (options are: nv12, i420, i444, rgb)
Color Space: sRGB (options are: srgb, 709, 601)
Color Range: Full (options are: partial, full)


2023-05-29 08:10

manager   ~0005482

I don't have OBS so I tried a magicyuv render from CinGG. The result has no color or performance problems.
Generally, washed-out colors result from differences in "YUV color Range" or the difference in "YUV vs RGB" color spaces. If I understand correctly, OBS is set to RGB, while huffyuv is YUV. Try setting it to YUV. Another try is to use a different container, avi is rather limited: try mov. You could examine the video with ffprobe or mediainfo and see if the color data matches what you set in CinGG (Color Model; YUV color space and YUV color range)?

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